11 Musicians Who’ve Had Close Encounters With Aliens (Or So They Claim)

The truth is out there, and these artists know it.

If your loved ones think you’re nuts for believing in aliens, don’t fret. Your favorite music stars are also fascinated with extraterrestrials, UFOs, and everything that might live beyond Earth.  Sammy Hagar claims aliens infiltrated his thoughts, John Lennon says he saw a UFO flying high over the New York City skyline,  and blink 182’s Tom DeLonge boasts photographic evidence!

Check our gallery for more musicians’ who may have been touched by the beyond.

  • 1 David Bowie
    Of course Ziggy Stardust believes in aliens! Bowie said he saw UFOs as a child and in 1974, he told TV host Dick Cavett he preferred flying in saucers instead of airplanes.

  • 2 Nick Jonas
    During an interview on the Late Show with Seth Meyers, Nick told the talk show host that he saw three flying saucers in the sky when he was 14. Living in Hollywood, his friends and family tried to convince him that the saucers were fake and from a movie being shot. But after researching online, he discovered similar accounts from people in other states.

  • 3 Tom DeLonge
    The Blink-182 star posted an Instagram video capturing what he thought was a UFO. “It was 2 sets of lights, going in and out and popping up in different locations. Standard shit if you read about this stuff,” said DeLonge. Sounds like he’s an expert!

  • 4 Elvis Presley
    The King reportedly made claims that he was visited by extraterrestrials as a child, and as an adult he witnessed strange phenomena in the sky along with his hairstylist (and spiritual advisor) Larry Gellar. “They were moving far too quickly to be airplanes, so we just chalked it up to UFOs,” he says. “Another time, we were walking through his Graceland home and noticed odd lights in a field moving back and forth.”

  • 5 John Lennon
    The rock legend said he saw a UFO over Manhattan in 1974. Lennon’s notebooks, which went up for auction in 2014, featured drawings of an alien craft hovering over a crowd.

  • 6 Olivia Newton-John
    Yes, Sandy from Grease claims to have seen a UFO. In 2009, the singer told U.K. newspaper The Sun she possibly spotted a saucer as a teen. She’s even searching for the unknown in this photo!

  • 7 Sammy Hagar
    The Van Halen star said aliens “tapped into [his] mind through some kind of mysterious wireless connection” in his 2011 memoir. Well, Van Halen did have its most successful period when Hagar joined the band. David Lee Roth, it’s time for an alien encounter.

  • 8 Mick Jagger
    While camping in the woods of Glastonbury in 1968 with girlfriend Marianne Faithfull, the pair spotted a cigar-shaped object in the sky. Hey, it was the sixties…

    According to author Michael C.Luckma, who wrote the book Alien Rock: The Rock ’n’ Roll Extraterrestrial Connection, the incident stirred Mick to install a “UFO detector” in his home. Riiiight.

  • 9 Lupe Fiasco
    In 2012, the Chicago rapper described a possible alien encounter. “When I was 11, I definitely had an extra-worldly experience,” he said, adding he couldn’t move, saw blue light, and felt jolts of electricity.

  • 10 Robbie Williams
    The British pop star eschewed fame to explore his alien fascination. In 2008, he invited a Guardian reporter to chronicle his obsession. Williams also said he’s had at least three encounters. His fixation was so hardcore that fans and record execs worried about his mental health.

  • 11 Jaden Smith
    The music and film star also thinks Obama has answers about aliens. “I talked to President Obama about extraterrestrials,” Smith said in 2013. “He said he could neither confirm nor deny the existence of aliens, which means they’re real.” Sure, it’s not exactly a ’close encounter,’ but a word from the Prez is pretty legit!

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