The Worst Dressed Celebrities of New York Fashion Week (So Far)

All right, this is just unacceptable.

New York Fashion Week is officially upon us, and that means celebrities will try to impress us with their very best get-ups (and in some cases, their GD clothing lines). Many will slay, but we’re prepared for the worst. Because, let’s be honest, nothing is more embarrassing than having bad fashion in front of fashion people. That’s like trying to play tennis with Serena Williams—v. mortifying for anyone who isn’t Serena Williams.

We’ll keep up with NYFW’s worst dressed celebs until the final tent closes, so sit back and enjoy the excessive use of orange. It’ll make you feel better about your own ketchup-stained jeans.

  • 1 Karolina Kurkova
    Getty Images
    This supermodel looks amazing in just about everything. But this beach mom moment? Not NYFW-worthy, IMO.

  • 2 Carrie Underwood
    Getty Images
    Our favorite country songstress is stunning AF. We just need to know why she went with the stripes that are giving us vertigo. Not a good look, bb. On anyone.

  • 3 June Ambrose
    Getty Images

  • 4 Paulina Vega
    Getty Images
    Serving 100 percent Ursula-the-Sea-Witch realness.

  • 5 Parker Posey
    Getty Images
    Someone needs to tell Parker skin-colored hospital dresses are not glam. (But her lipstick is on point!)

  • 6 Emily Mortimer
    Getty Images
    Emily suffers from poor fitting here. It’s all too baggy on her! Plus, neon yellow and navy? So much nope.

  • 7 Olivia Culpo
    Getty Images
    Cut the walrus tusk-looking lapels (?), and this ensemble would work.

  • 8 Lucy Hale
    Getty Images
    Little Bo Peep chic.

  • 9 Solange Knowles
    Getty Images
    Stop trying to make orange happen! It’s not going to happen.

  • 10 Kylie Jenner
    Getty Images
    Your kitchen granite top isn’t a solid clothing pattern, Ky. Hate to burst your bubble.

  • 11 Tyga
    Getty Images
    We want to see that bod, Tyga! This burlap sack does nothing for your pecs.

  • 12 Christina Milian
    Getty Images
    Mona Lisa Frown.