Jackie Tells Tami That She Doesn’t Have Oral Sex Because It Will Literally Kill Her

"Jackie is crazy. She's looney tunes. But go, Jackie. Run. Tell me all your business. Because I enjoy a good sip of tea."

We’ve all heard by now that Jackie Christie, the woman who has been married for nearly two decades to the same man and is a self-professed freak between the sheets, has never had oral sex. But we’ve never really understood the reason why. And now, in this week’s bonus clip, she finally reveals to Tami Roman that she doesn’t give head because she fears it will be the death of her. “I feel like it’s gonna kill me, like it’s gonna get down in my throat and choke me,” Jackie explains. Tami can’t believe her ears, nor can she believe that one of Jackie’s friends had offered to demonstrate how to give Doug head so Jackie can learn — and that Jackie is COOL WITH THAT. This clip might be too much for a Monday, folks.