X Ambassadors Used Actual VHS Tapes to Make Their VHS Album

Remember VHS tapes?

You oughta know this month’s YOK artists X Ambassadors, as well as their debut album, VHS. The boys wanted their first album to have a personal, cinematic element. So, they dug up some old VHS tapes — remember those? — from their days in upstate New York, and incorporated them throughout the album.

Inspired by interludes on hip-hop albums, X Ambassadors took old video footage, had it digitized, and pulled audio clips from them. They wove these audio clips throughout the VHS record, allowing their fans to have glimpses of the places they’ve been and where they’re headed.

Hear the band members talk about the making of VHS in the clip above, and below they shares the inspiration behind their “Renegades” video.
Stay tuned for more from them throughout the month.

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