What Are Your Favorite Childhood TV Stars Up to These Days?

Is that you, Beans?!

I grew up on shows like Zoey 101 and Lizzie McGuire. They taught me everything I know about ~*friendship*~, boys, and how to get the popular girls to like me. Tragically, though, these two shows—and many just like them—were canceled. All of a sudden, I had to navigate the world of adolescence on my own. It was scary. I cried a lot.

But the worst part? I no longer got to see my TV darlings once a week. Ten years later, I’m dying to know what Nicole from Zoey, Matt from Lizzie, and more of my faves are up to these days. Because I’m a psycho creep, I found out. And I’m here to share my findings with my fellow Y2K lovers. Read away!

  • 1 Lori Beth Denberg (Then)
    Via Nickelodeon
    You knew her as: The original queen of All That, known for sketches like “The Loud Librarian” and “Vital Information for Your Everyday Life.”

  • 2 Lori Beth Denberg (Now)
    She recently starred in an episode of the Raymond & Lane Web series, “Guns N’ Daffodils,” alongside Lizzie McGuire’s Lalaine. (So many Y2K feels!) LB also made an appearance on Comedy Central’s Workaholics in 2012. She also officiates weddings.

  • 3 Alexa Nikolas (Then)
    Via Nickelodeon
    You knew her as: Zoey’s (Jamie Lynn Spears) ditzy, shopaholic, and boy-obsessed BFF on Zoey 101.

  • 4 Alexa Nikolas (Now)
    When she’s not throwing shade at JLS, Alexa still acts. She filmed an episode of Mad Men in 2013 and played Haley for three episodes on The Walking Dead. She married electronic artist Mike Milosh in 2012. Her finest achievement, though, is the 2012 ~*instant*~ classic Detention of the Dead. She played Willow.

  • 5 Steven Anthony Lawrence (Then)
    Disney Channel
    You knew him as: Louis Stevens’ (Shia LaBeouf) bacon-loving, annoying younger neighbor on Even Stevens.

  • 6 Steven Anthony Lawrence (Now)
    Getty Images
    In his own words, here is what Steven has been up to since February 2015: “I did Kicking and Screaming (2005) and Rebound (2005). Been doing a bunch of commercials lately. What I’m doing now is actually teaching mainly. I get a really big kick out of it. I’ve done a bunch of seminars at USC, I’ve done one at Berkeley, one at Pepperdine and a couple here at the high schools here in town in L.A.”

  • 7 Jake Thomas (Then)
    Disney Channel
    You knew him as: Matt, Lizzie’s prankster kid brother with signature spiky hair, on Lizzie McGuire.

  • 8 Jake Thomas (Now)
    In Jan. 2014, Jake played Finn Avery in the YouTube series Storytellers. According to his website, he just filmed a horror movie called The Unwilling. Oh! And he reunited with his McGuire cast-mates in April.

  • 9 Kimberly J. Brown (Then)
    Disney Channel
    You knew her as: The casual witch goddess in the Halloweentown films.

  • 10 Kimberly J. Brown (Now)
    She had a recurring role on the AMC series Low Winter Sun in 2013, but she hasn’t acted since then. But check this out: On Oct. 10, she’ll kick off the Halloween festivities in St. Helens, Oregon, the site of the original Halloweentown film. (The town pays homage to the movie each year by recreating the iconic city hall scene.) Serving all the nostalgia!

  • 11 Nate Richert (Then)
    You knew him as: The sometimes-doofy, always-sexy heartthrob and Sabrina’s (Melissa Joan Hart) boyfriend on Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

  • 12 Nate Richert (Now)
    Nate traded broomstick baes for bluegrass music. According to a recent People article, he debuted a folky solo album, Halogen Moon, in 2012. He also frequently posts videos showcasing his vocal prowess. Swoon.

  • 13 Malese Jow (Then)
    You knew her as: Addie Singer’s (Emma Roberts) biznitchy friend Geena on Unfabulous.

  • 14 Malese Jow (Now)
    Getty Images
    If you watch TV, then you’ve seen this hottie around. She currently plays Linda Park on The Flash. Plus, she starred in The CW’s short-lived series Star-Crossed as Julia Yeung. She also portrayed Anna on The Vampire Diaries from 2010–2012. Working girl!

  • 15 Matt O’Leary (Then)
    You knew him as: Adam Hansen in the Oscar-worthy film Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire (2000) and Gary Giggles in the Spy Kids franchise.

  • 16 Matt O’Leary (Now)
    Matt still works as an actor. His last major role was Marcus in Fat Kid Rules the World (2012), but he also appeared in The Lone Ranger alongside Johnny Depp in 2013.

  • 17 Jordan Calloway (Then)
    Getty Images
    (Right) You knew him as: Zack, the token dude friend—à la Gordo—on Unfabulous.

  • 18 Jordan Calloway (Now)
    (Middle) Jordan is a certified thirst trap in 2015. (Don’t you want to set up camp in those abs?) His last big gig was VH1’s original movie Drumline: A New Beat (2014). He plays Jayven LaPierre. Mostly, though, he plays the protagonist in our wet dreams.