Whatever Happened to Some of Your Favorite Couples from Couples Therapy

We checked in with these eight celebrity couples!

From Jenna Jameson to Taylor Armstrong to Treach, some high profile stars and their significant others have come to Couples Therapy with Dr. Jenn for help in their relationships. As season six kicks off, we caught up with eight of our favorite pairs to see how they fair after checking in with Dr. Jenn Mann.

  • 1 “Big Ang” Raoila and Neil Murphy
    Big Ang and Neil continued to experience ups and downs in the marriage, as documented on Mob Wives season six. Sadly Ang lost her battle with cancer on February 18, 2016. Neil was by Ang’s side when she passed and publicly said, “I will always love you forever. Please watch over the grandkids. I know you will.”

  • 2 Shayne Lamas and Nik Richie
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    The Lamas-Richie family welcomed a son via surrogate this past July. In an email to VH1, Nik wrote, “we welcomed our baby boy, Lyon Lamas-Richie this past July. Shayne and myself are in our fifth year of marriage and have truly been focused on creating the healthiest environment for our children. The phrase “I love you” is constant and not just words anymore, it’s action.”

  • 3 Whitney Mixter and Sada Bettencourt
    Since Couples Therapy Whitney and Sada have celebrated four years of marriage. In a statement to VH1, Whitney said, [we] have actually utilized the tools [we] learned in the house in what would previously been verbal throwdowns,” she continued, “We are currently undertaking new business ventures but intend to start a family soon.”

  • 4 Jenna Jameson and John Wood
    John and Jenna separated after Couples Therapy and both have had big changes happen since. Jameson wrote, “John and I are no longer together but remain very good friends. He is married now and has a newborn son. I am now newly engaged and incredibly happy with my new love. I’m in the process of converting to Judaism and will be getting married in Israel late next year.

  • 5 Angelina Pivarnick and Chris
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    Angelina and Chris broke up for good after checking into Couples Therapy. Angelina told VH1, “I kept trying to find love and felt lost for awhile. Now I am dating a nice guy named Richie. I’ve known him for nine years and always had a crush. I hope this relationship lasts. I am getting too old for the dating scene. I envision myself with a happy healthy family one day.”

  • 6 Taylor Armstrong and John Bluher
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    A rep for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star says, since appearing on Couples Therapy Taylor and John are “more in love than ever.”

  • 7 Vienna Girardi and Kasey Kahl
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    Vienna and Kasey broke up after their involvement in Couples Therapy. Kasey’s now a married man and Vienna said, “I wish him and his new bride all the happiness in the world.”

  • 8 EvelDick Donato and Stephanie Rogness-Fischer
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    Stephanie and Dick parted ways but Dick says they are friends. Dick wrote to VH1, “Going public with the fact I am HIV+ on the show was one of best things I have ever done and has changed my life immensely. After thinking my sex life was over and being celibate for three years, I appreciate it more, don’t take it for granted and have had some of the best sex in my life.”

  • 9 Treach and Cicely Evans
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    A rep for the rapper wrote to VH1 to say, “I am happy to say that Treach and Cicely are doing excellent. They are still together and stronger than ever.”

  • 10 Farrah Abraham
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    Farrah says she does not have contact with her unnamed ex who stood her up on Couples Therapy “due to legal reasons” but says she has successfully moved on from her “bad picker past” and is currently “too busy with work to focus on a relationship.” [/item

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