Watch Empire Star Tiana Perform Her Sexy New Song, “Get No Better 2.0,” Before Tonight’s Episode

We're here for this!

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Empire actress Serayah McNeill gave a sneak peek at her latest single, “Get No Better 2.0.”

“Tiana 2.0 is everything. Not just the song, but just relating to the character,” Serayah said of her much-loved personality, Tiana.

She also gave some inside details about the song’s debut tonight on Empire. “Performing 2.0 was really, really fun.” She added, “It’s very sexy when it comes together, visually. The choreography was dope and it just was an amazing experience — just hot stuff.”

Check out her singing skills–yes, she can really sing in real life–and catch the full performance tonight on Fox.

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