7 Pieces of Musician Memorabilia That Weren’t Worth the Sell

How much is too much for Madonna's "Lil Booty" love letters?

When you love someone — and I mean really love someone, it’s hard to put a price on their worth to you. Such was the case for eager buyers who couldn’t resist the following bizarre pieces of musician memorabilia.

Michael Jackson’s burnt up hair is just one example of how fans will literally pay anything and possibly go into debt just to get their hands on things that once belonged to their beloved idols. But let’s be real: $1,025 for Justin Timberlake’s leftover french toast? You have to put your foot down somewhere.

Here are seven pieces of musician memorabilia that just weren’t worth the sell. Sorry, Justin Bieber.

  • 1 Locks of Justin Bieber’s Hair
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    Justin Bieber cut his hair in 2011, giving some of it to Ellen DeGeneres in a signed box. Ellen put the hair up for auction on eBay, and the bidding catapulted to $40,668, according to CBS. Proceeds went to charity, but the real question is: What the hell did the buyer do with Biebs’ hair?

  • 2 Michael Jackson’s Burnt Hair
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    Some of Michael Jackson’s burnt hair was collected while MJ was shooting his Pepsi commercial. The damaged locks went up for auction after MJ’s death, according to NME, and were valued at about $1,600. Real talk: Would you buy MJ’s hair — burnt or not?

  • 3 Justin Timberlake’s Unfinished Breakfast
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    Justin Timberlake’s leftover french toast from a Z100 breakfast interview sold for $1,025 back in 2000, and according to EW, a teenager bought it. “I’ll probably freeze-dry it, then seal it… then put it on my dresser,” 19-year-old buyer Kathy Summers said.

  • 4 Oasis’ The Masterplan Blackboard
    The blackboard featured on the cover of Oasis’ 1998 LP The Masterplan sold at an auction in England for about $2,126, according to NME. It’s pretty cool to own something so integral to an album cover, but in all honesty, what do you do with something as large as a blackboard once you have it?

  • 5 Britney Spears’ Pregnancy Test
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    Back when Britney Spears was still with Kevin Federline, the two stayed in a Los Angeles hotel, leaving behind BritBrit’s used pregnancy test in the bathroom. A music station got the peed-on pregnancy test, which was positive, and sold it to GoldenPalace.com for $5,001, according to CNN.

  • 6 John Lennon’s Molar Tooth
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    A Canadian dentist shelled out $31,200 for John Lennon’s molar tooth in 2011, according to IB Times. That dentist probably wasn’t drowning in student loan debt or car payments.

  • 7 Madonna’s Love Letters and Voicemail Recordings
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    Here’s a piece of music memorabilia that’s either totally not worth the sell price or completely priceless. Madonna’s love letters, in which she refers to herself as “Lil Booty,” as well as phone message recordings she left her former lover James Albright, went up for auction in 2009, according to Daily Mail. They were thought to be part of a collection worth around $45,000.

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