Burning Questions Google Thinks We Have About Pop Stars

"Why is Rihanna flopping?"—STFU, Google. She's not!

Google is shady as hell. If you prompt it with questions about your favorite pop stars, sure, you’ll get standard results like, “Where is Britney Spears from?” but you also get whack things like, “Is Rihanna flopping?” STFU Google, she’s not. You’re rude. Go home.

These 10 questions are the meanest (and weirdest) Google came up with when we asked it about all of your faves. It’s about to drop 10 degrees in this place.

  • 1 Taylor Swift
    “Why is Taylor Swift friends with everyone?” Answer: She is a precious queen deserving of all your love.

  • 2 Rihanna
    “Why is Rihanna flopping?” Answer: She’s not, asshole.

  • 3 Madonna
    “Is Madonna dead?” Answer: She’s alive and NOT OLD.

  • 4 Katy Perry
    “Is Katy Perry a twin?” Answer: I don’t know. What the hell? Is this a thing people actually wonder? DOES SHE HAVE A TWIN, ACTUALLY?!

  • 5 Jennifer Lopez
    “Why is Jennifer Lopez important?” Answer: Please read.

  • 6 Demi Lovato
    “Does Demi Lovato wear Skechers?” Answer: I don’t know, probably sometimes.

  • 7 Celine Dion
    “Is Celine Dion deaf?” Answer: Um, no?

  • 8 Britney Spears
    “Why is Britney Spears a tragic hero?” Answer: Please ask your literature professor. He will give you a side-by-side analysis of BritBrit and Hamlet.

  • 9 Beyoncé
    “Is Beyoncé bald?” Answer: Bye.

  • 10 Ariana Grande
    “Why does Ariana Grande wear cat ears?” Answer: Does anyone really know?