These Instagram Models Look Exactly Like Kylie Jenner, and It’s Freaky As Hell

Doppelgänger realness.

Kylie Jenner is arguably the most popular 18-year-old on the planet. With that comes droves of girls on the Internet who try to emulate her every move—including physical appearance. Not that this is a bad thing—Kylie is gorgeous. However, some girls’ looks are frighteningly similar to Kylie’s. And by that, we mean you probably can’t distinguish the app maverick from her doppelgänger counterparts. Don’t believe us? Check out these five Insta-models who will definitely make you see double.

  • 1 Durrani Popal (@durranipopal)
    This Dash Dolls cast-mate is basically Kylie, to be honest. Just look at that long, endlessly-flowing black hair. Goddess.

  • 2 Nyaiesh Amiri (@nyaieshamiri)
    She definitely has the signature Kylie pout down pat. Oh! And the opulent-as-f*ck eye lashes. Yes, please.

  • 3 Gabrielle Waters (@gabywaters23)
    This 19-year-old Michigan dweller has gone viral for her striking resemblance to Miss Jenner. And for good reason. It’s practically terrifying how similar the two teens look.

  • 4 Melissa Hayes (@melissashayes)
    Kylie’s eyes? Check. Kylie’s lips? Check. Kylie’s DGAF swagger? Check. So, through osmosis, Melissa is Kylie.

  • 5 Mua Nina (@mua_nina)
    *Thinking about my BFF Kylie right now.*