The 11 Most Underrated American Horror Story Characters

Sorry, there's no Jessica Lange on this list.

Tonight finally marks the premiere of American Horror Story: Hotel. As Lady Gaga is due to steal Jessica Lange’s thunder as supreme of the show, we decided to take a look back at some of the most underrated characters of yesteryear. From Murder House all the way to Freak Show there are plenty of characters we think didn’t get the attention they deserved. That means we’re not here to talk about everyone’s creepy obsession with Tate or love for Lady Lange, but don’t worry—we didn’t forget Meep. Take a creepy walk through the last four seasons of murders, the misunderstood and—frankly—the f*cked up, and let us know if we missed your favorite!

  • 1 Addie Langdon (Season 1)
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    Played by Jamie Brewer, Addie was Jessica’s daughter in season one who stole our hearts and always appeared with her ever-so-ominous warnings about the house. She was one of the few characters that season not to return as a ghost, which made us even sadder to see her go.

  • 2 Moira O’Hara (Season 1)
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    Played by both Alexandra Breckenridge and Frances Conroy, the Murder House maid appeared in a form desired by the observer. Murdered by Constance after being raped by her husband, she has grown to care about the house and its occupants while still cleaning up (and tempting the men).

  • 3 Nora Montgomery (Season 1)
    20th Century Fox Televsion
    In Lily Rabe’s first appearance on AHS, she is the symbol of wealth and luxury. Her husband Charles was the original owner of the house and surgeon to early Hollywood celebrities. After a turn of events left her only son dead, Nora would spend all of eternity wishing for the chance to be a mother once more.

  • 4 Lana Winters (Season 2)
    20th Century Fox Televsion
    This list wouldn’t be complete without at least one appearance by Sarah Paulson. For her starring role in season two, Lana was willing to do anything possible to get out of the Asylum, and we have to respect the hustle.

  • 5 Dr. Oliver Thredson (Season 2)
    20th Century Fox Televsion
    Bloody Face was okay…disgusting, but he also had the charm of Zachary Quinto. Sure maybe we were holding our breath that he would get what he deserved all season, but Mr. Quinto did an expectedly fantastic job. The point is, he needs to come back.

  • 6 Myrtle Snow (Season 3)
    20th Century Fox Televsion
    Balenciaga! While Fiona was supremely being a bad-ass all season, Frances Conroy’s Snow was the only one with the guts to stand up to her. After gouging out the eyes of her fellow witch’s council members, we knew she was the real deal.

  • 7 Spalding (Season 3)
    20th Century Fox Televsion
    Loyal to nobody other than Fiona, Spalding was one of the most misunderstood characters of season three. Sure his doll-and-tea collection was pretty creepy but everyone has their quirks.

  • 8 Marie Laveau (Season 3)
    20th Century Fox Televsion
    Angela Bassett is a voodoo priestess who is not to be f–ked with. She’s been around for the long haul and made then a few enemies along the way. That doesn’t mean you can’t idolize her DGAF attitude.

  • 9 Delphine LaLaurie (Season 3)
    20th Century Fox Televsion
    Okay hear us out on this one. Yes Madame LaLaurie was a terrible racist who tortured her own daughters, but the amount of growth she had over the season was jaw-dropping. She started off the season as a hardened monster but grew with her relationship with Queenie. We’re still not over the emotional moment of her watching Roots, TBH.

  • 10 Ethel Darling (Season 4)
    20th Century Fox Televsion
    While we’re at it, let’s take a minute to realize how talented Kathy Bates is. From Freak Show’s start, Darling seemed like one of the least likely candidates for our affection due to her…well, beard. Like with Madame LaLaurie, she crawled her way into our hearts big time. After opening up about her struggles as a perpetual outsider, we really grew a soft spot in our heart for her, and started to kind of hate Elsa after what she did.

  • 11 Meep (Season 4)
    20th Century Fox Televsion
    Meep! Sure, maybe the character played by Ben Woolf didn’t say much (or really anything), but that doesn’t mean he didn’t find a way into our hearts. We definitely joined Jimmy in his anger after Meep’s body was left at the Freak Show.

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