Which Of These Couples At Yandy & Mendeecees’ Wedding Should Tie The Knot Next?

Weddings make every unmarried couple a little anxious, you start to question when and if you'll tie the knot and, if you're a reality star, whether or not you'll televise the entire thing to an audience of millions! Which of these couples at Yandy & Mendeecees' wedding would you love to see in a wedding special of their own? (All we know is that we want Mona to officiate the next one!)
  • 1 Princess & Ray J
    Robert Adam Mayer
    They’ve weathered a lot of storms and made it this far! Would you want to see them make it official?

  • 2 Scrappy & Bambi
    Robert Adam Mayer
    We have a soft spot for Scrappy and his latest egg. Bambi seems to have won over Scrappy’s daughter, she’s cool with Momma Dee now, and she’s making him so happy. Look at how sweet they are!

  • 3 Stevie & Joseline
    Robert Adam Mayer
    Okay, they’re technically married but planning a big ceremony. We would kill to see that.

  • 4 Moniece Slaughter & Rich Dollaz
    Robert Adam Mayer
    This new couple is so wrong that maybe they are just right for each other. Moniece even said on the wedding broadcast that she loves Rich, and people on Love & Hip Hop don’t throw that L word around easily.

  • 5 Tara Wallace & Peter Gunz
    Robert Adam Mayer
    Are they back together? Just friends? Co-parents? We feel like no matter what label they apply to their current situation, they’re destined to be together.

  • 6 Ceaser & Dutchess
    Robert Adam Mayer
    Their Paris engagement gave us chills. We can only imagine that a wedding would make us weep like babies.