NSFW: 14 Times Celebs Ditched the Bra at Home

The bra is a modern day construct anyway, right?

October 13 is National No Bra Day which means there’s only one appropriate way to celebrate: Chronicling all the times that our favorite celebs said “Bye Felicia” and let their girls go. There are some who could fill a whole gallery on their own (get it Nicki and the Kardashian sisters). But let’s take a minute day to celebrate the bravery of these women who decided not to wear a bra (even if one saved Olivia Pope’s life). There are red carpets, fashion shows, balcony shots, and pizza runs, but one thing remains constant: Bras are overrated and may not really do anything anyway.

  • 1 Nicki Minaj
    An iconic nipple sympathiser, Minaj’s arguably most iconic wardrobe oops came when she was talking about a former “hello boobies” moment on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live and her boob popped out like it knew it was being talked about.

  • 2 Kendall Jenner
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    During the Marc Jacobs fall show for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week earlier this year, Kendall rocked the runway with au naturel undergarments.

  • 3 Kim Kardashian
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    Looks like Kendall gets her nipple-freeing confidence from Keeks. Kim rocked nude mesh and nothing under it during her trip to Paris earlier this year.

  • 4 Bella Hadid
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    Not quite a Kardashian but still loosely related to them, Bella Hadid was too cool for cups at the Balmain afterparty in Paris Fashion Week earlier this month.

  • 5 Kristen Stewart
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    While presenting at the Annual Hollywood Film Awards last year, KStew completely owned her look and like many others on this list rocked mesh-and-nip.

  • 6 Mariah Carey
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    At the 20th anniversary celebration of So So Def, Carey raised the roof sans-brassiere in Atlanta.

  • 7 Laura Govan
    The former Basketball Wives LA star let it all hang out at The Wedding Ringer premiere at the TCL Chinese Theatre.

  • 8 Anne Hathaway
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    At the New York premiere for The Intern, Hathaway dressed for job we all want: Boss ass bitch.

  • 9 Heidi Klum
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    When Heidi was preparing for the Creative Emmy Awards this year, she probably didn’t mean to post her nip slip on social media. Still killing it at 42, the supermodel has zero need for a bra if she still looks like that after giving birth to three kids.

  • 10 Miley Cyrus
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    Strolling through NYC this May, the “Karen Don’t Be Sad” singer owned her bra-free status with a mesh top that screamed IDGAF.

  • 11 Lady Gaga
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    Lady Gaga is a proud bra-defector and we respect her for it. Like Miley, her moment happened on the streets of New York. En route for a slice of her hometown pizza in June, Mother Monster’s bra er…vanished and left fans and photogs alike with quite the surprise.

  • 12 Miranda Kerr
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    All the way back in 2013 at an event for Mademoiselle C, Miranda Kerr suffered a little wardrobe oops a few minutes after this photo was taken. Hey at least in New York City it’s totally legal for women to be topless.

  • 13 Rihanna
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    Like Hadid, Rihanna reminded the world that the modern day bra is still a human construct that she was more than happy to ditch during Paris Fashion Week.

  • 14 Chelsea Handler

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