Our Favorite (And Not So Favorite) Moments From The 2015 BET Hip Hop Awards

In summary: Snoop should dance forever + we did not get enough Lil’ Kim but she looked cute.

-by Michael Arceneaux

Last night’s BET Hip Hop Awards started exactly how it should have: Future and his jibber jabber flow, performing works from his very good DS2 album and dancing like Mary J. Blige.

Embedded from www.bet.com.

The follow up was just as strong: Snoop Dogg, literally gliding to the stage to tend to his hosting duties. As far as aging goes, I dream of charting the same path as Uncle Snoop. He has graciously joined the Black uncle stage of his life, only he is not wearing the white linen pants that you usually get in your gift box once you cross such threshold. It’s not a prerequisite; just a tradition, but traditions can be broken.

Besides, Snoop’s got everything else down.

For the record, Snoop is one of my all-time favorite dancers. I appreciate him dancing to every performance. I particularly loved him hitting his Quan in an expensive sweatsuit. That is me in 20 years with my children. That is also me in 10 years, also hosting an awards show.

I would so watch a show with Uncle Snoop just dancing to the contemporary hits. Is someone working in VH1’s development department reading this? If not, please forward.

In any event, the show was its usual self: more performances than the presentation of awards like “Best Club Bangers” (shout out to E-40, though, and shout to E-40’s shout out to God) and of course, the Cyphers.

As far as those go, it was a wide mix ranging from newer acts like Tink, Vince Staples, and Raury, to veterans like Keith Murray and Doug E. Fresh.

My highlight was Redman, who delivered one of the best in years. Another favorite of mine was Tink, who I’m really hoping breaks through because she’s such a versatile talent. Don’t let those so-so single choices thus far fool you.

Now, I do have a bone to pick with Diddy Puff aka Puff Daddy aka Puffy aka Diddy. He was teasing his performance with Lil’ Kim as if she were going to play a major part. Kimberly Denise Jones shared the stage, but if you had something in your eye, by the time you got it out, her ass was gone. She looked good, though.

And while I care to never, ever hear his musings on gender and racial politics, presidential politics, and social media activism, I do like seeing T.I. dance like a hip hop Redd Foxx. He is committed to that rap Fred Sandford life. It’s admirable.

I would also like to take the time to highlight Monica, who looked great with that Kool Aid red hair, dancing in the audience to Rich Homie Quan. If you follow Monica on Instagram, you know Monica gets her life in the club so her awards audience show behavior is no surprise. While on the subject of Monica and hip hop, can I just note that she was a pretty decent rapper? I would not be mad if she decided to once again rap about kicking down doors and smacking chicks.

Everything else about the show is a bit of blur. Scarface is a legend and I’m a Houstonian, so I won’t be commenting on him getting arrested after receiving his honors besides this sentence. If you couldn’t tell, McDonald’s really wants hip hop fans to know that they serve breakfast all-day now.

To sum up, Snoop should host this show and dance forever, we did not get enough Lil’ Kim but she looked cute, and I’m getting old.