Did Scarface Know He Was Getting Arrested During His BET Hip Hop Award Acceptance Speech? It Sure Looked That Way

I can't help but wonder.

Friday night at the BET Hip Hop Awards, Scarface was gifted the I Am Hip Hop Award—but not without some controversy.

It’s not news by now that moments after accepting the award, the hip hop vet was handcuffed and arrested backstage for failing to make child support payments. However, by the way he was acting on stage, it’s hard to believe that is was a complete shock to him.

Maybe it’s just me, but his actions were suspect (no pun intended) as he made his speech. You know the when you’re trying to play things cool, but you’re freaking out in the inside? That’s how ’Face looked to me.

After all, who would want to make a big scene with cops as millions of people watched? Saving face in this type of situation would definitely be warranted (no pun intended AGAIN).

But who knows, I could be dead wrong. Let me get your opinion.

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