The Hottest Celebrity Bodies Over 40

Beach season is here, guys. Just saying.

We already gave you a handful of celebrity workout selfies to motivate you to hit the gym. If that didn’t do the trick, allow these celebs who SLAY to prove you can get your body in tip-top shape at any age.

You wanna look as hot as they do? As Britney Spears would say, you gotta work, bitch.

  • 1 Jennifer Lopez, 45
    Cut outs are not an easy trend to pull off, but J.Lo does it without even trying.

  • 2 Cindy Crawford, 49
    Yes, she’s almost 50 and yes this is real life.

  • 3 Hugh Jackman, 46
    Don’t let his love of cookies fool you. Bae still looks smokin’.

  • 4 Angela Bassett, 56
    Pushing 60 and Angela’s still rocking crop tops like a boss.

  • 5 Salma Hayek, 48
    Curves for days.

  • 6 Eva Longoria, xx
    Wisteria Lane’s resident hottie is still slaying.

  • 7 Daniel Craig, 47
    Dare we say the sexiest James Bond ever?

  • 8 Tyson Beckford, 44
    Redefining Thirst Trap one Insta pic at a time.

  • 9 Taraji P. Henson, 44
    BRB, doing squats forever.

  • 10 Jennifer Garner, 43
    We would not want to arm wrestle this MILF.

  • 11 Carmen Electra, 43
    This makes me want to cancel my Netflix subscription to get a gym membership.

  • 12 Jenny McCarthy, 43
    With that bod, I’d go everywhere in my underwear.

  • 13 Idris Elba, 42
    Is this normal?

  • 14 Sofia Vergara, 42
    That delicious Joe Manganiello cut out would motivate us, too.

  • 15 Penelope Cruz, 41
    She was named the Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire last year. Do we need to spell out why?

  • 16 David Beckham, 40
    Mmmmm, boxer briefs. We’re eternally grateful to you, H&M. [/item
Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.