These Hollywood Ladies Are Taller Than You Think

5'9" is the new normal.

By Natalie Rebisz

As celebrity journalists, we can say with certainty Hollywood is the land of tiny people. Whether that means short or svelte, nine times out of 10, your favorite singer or actress is pint-sized—well, compared to the rest of America. The big screen deceives us: We think these A-listers are larger than life, when they’re in fact smaller than meets the eye. It’s witchcraft, to be honest.

But these 11 women are anomalies. They’re all 5’9″+ of pure, glittery sexiness. A few on this list may surprise you. (For instance, did you know Jordin Sparks is 5’10”?! Yup.) Take a gander at these tall beauties, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • 1 Taylor Swift
    Getty Images
    Taylor literally reaches great heights on a regular basis. She’s 5’10”, for the record.

  • 2 Khloé Kardashian
    Getty Images
    Your favorite Kardashian is 5’10” of fire.

  • 3 Ciara
    Getty Images
    T-Swizzle isn’t the only singer-songwriter gifted in the height and talent department: At 5’ 10”, Ciara is just an inch shorter than her Seattle Seahawks quarterback bae Russell Wilson.

  • 4 Aisha Tyler
    Getty Images
    (Far right) Aisha’s 6’ height gives her a significant edge over her The Talk co-hosts.

  • 5 Uma Thurman
    Getty Images
    The Kill Bill goddess clocks in at a graceful 5’11”.

  • 6 Venus Williams
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    Venus towers over most of her tennis competitors with her tall stature: 6’1”.

  • 7 Ireland Baldwin
    With genes from relatively tall parents (Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin), Ireland was biologically destined for her 6’2” stature.

  • 8 Jordin Sparks
    Getty Images
    The American Idol sixth season winner flaunts her 5’10” height with pride.

  • 9 Jane Lynch
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    Known by some as Coach Sylvester, Jane stands tall at 6′.

  • 10 Helen Lasichanh
    Getty Images
    At 5’11”, Helen towers overs her Grammy-winning man Pharrell Williams, but gracefully so.

  • 11 Angela Raiola
    Getty Images
    Made famous from the hit series Mob Wives, Big Ang owns her 5’10” stature.