#NetflixAndChill Memes That Will Make You Feel Way Too Proud of Your Existence

Hold that Netflix subscription up high and with pride.

Netflix and chill isn’t a hobby. It isn’t a pastime. It’s a goddamn lifestyle. You have to commit to it, and only the strong survive. Although there are an array of people who partake in Netflix and chill-from the nymphos to the wussies and everyone in between-it takes a special breed of person to fully accept and exercise this practice regularly.

You may think to yourself: “Should I feel ashamed for spending 12 straight hours watching a ’90s show with bae, surrounded by empty pizza boxes, going the whole time without brushing my hair or teeth?” A true Netflix and Chill-er knows the answer is always no, no you should not. If your inner conscious doesn’t provide you with that answer, these amazing memes will.

  • 1 A musical masterpiece.

  • 2 Pretty much.

  • 3 Current Tindr profile.

  • 4 Why we secretly have dating apps.
    Hoping this will appear.

  • 5 Because chill sessions could and should always go there.

  • 6 Or will they?

  • 7 This caption, by the way, reads: “They met on Christian mingle.”

  • 8 Me, in this very moment in time.

  • 9 The struggle we all know too well.

  • 10 This spirit animal for all of us not up-to-par with technology.
    But still dedicated to the chill sesh.

  • 11 And for those keeping it very real.
    We salute you.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.