Where Are They Now: Former Love & Hip Hop Stars

What ever happened to Che Mack tho?

People appear on Love & Hip Hop, show us the intimate details of their lives, and then disappear. From Joe Budden and Tahiry, to O’Shea and Erica Dixon, these familiar faces may not appear on our TV screens right now but that doesn’t mean we aren’t wondering where they ended up. Fear not, we’ve gotchu covered. Check out some of your former favorites now and see how they’re living!

  • 1 Joe Budden
    Mr. Budden has been busy since he last graced our screens on Love & Hip Hop. His new album with aarabMUZIK is called “Rage & The Machine” and is set to release in October–this comes shortly after a whirlwind of limelight for getting in a beef with Drake and releasing multiple diss tracks about the Canadian rapper.

    He seems to have “settled down” for the moment with model and fellow former LHH star Cyn Santana.

  • 2 Cyn Santana
    As we just mentioned, Cyn is happily in love with rapper boo Joe Budden.

    Beside that, of course she is still keeping up with her modeling. She also owns a clothing line called NU By Cyn Santana, which features many different form-fitting styles that you see Cyn herself often adorned in.

  • 3 BBOD
    BBOD, a.k.a. Sexxy Lexxy and Ms. Moe Money, are still hustling and making music. Their newest EP, “Reality Check” is out in November 2016.

  • 4 Omarion
    After breaking everyone’s hearts and splitting with long-time girlfriend and baby mama Apryl Jones, Omarion continues to make music and post dancing videos on Instagram.

    His latest smash single “Post To Be” was certified platinum by the RIAA and he’s constantly posting pictures with his extremely adorable kids. He was also recently featured in GQ with his braid hairdo that only O can perfectly pull off. The world shook when him and Apryl announced they were no longer together, but they still seem to be a happy family, getting together for Megaa & A’mei’s birthday parties and other events.

  • 5 Apryl Jones
    Since popping out another beautiful child less than a year ago, Apryl already has her bangin’ body back and is proudly showing it off.

    Since amicably ending it with Omarion, Apryl has been keeping herself busy with hosting parties making us swoon posting pictures with Megaa and A’mei.

  • 6 Tahiry Jose
    As all my nail polish connoisseurs already knew, Tahiry just recently launched her own Color Club heat index collection this summer.

    You can pick from a plethora of polishes that change color depending on the temperature outside and your body heat….necessary? probably not. Do I want to own every single color? ABSOLUTELY.

  • 7 Kaylin Garcia
    Since leaving Love & Hip Hop, Kaylin since appeared on Couples Therapy with then boyfriend Joe Budden and worked on getting herself out of a “depressive state” she slipped into after having a tough time with being on reality TV.

    Since splitting with Budden, she has been expressing her more artistic side, posting some super impressive paintings on her KayzHeART Instagram page.

  • 8 Hazel-E
    Hazel-E was never subtle about her reasons for leaving the show, yet she can’t seem to escape being involved with drama among current cast members.

    The feud between Hazel and Masika Kalysha continued into the latest season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood when Hazel made a surprise return and alleged that Fetty Wap was not the father of Masika’s daughter, Khari. Shortly after that, Hazel released a single with Fetty Wap, which provided additional fodder for their beef.

  • 9 Morgan Hardman
    Since we last saw Morgan on the show, things seem to have calmed down for Ray J’s former assistant after her departure.

    She did reveal in an interview with Vlad TV that during the filming of Love & Hip Hop, she was actually almost 3 months pregnant–which nobody was aware of–though she unfortunately experienced a miscarriage shortly after.

  • 10 Lore’l
    It’s been a while since Lore’l has graced our TV screens, but luckily for us she’s not too far out of the spotlight.

    You can listen to Lore’l guest hosting on a podcast with Angela Yee and other friends called, “Lip Service” every week to hear her dish.

  • 11 Chrissy Monroe
    Ms. Monroe has been busy since her last appearance on the show.

    The reality star was the first female “Comeback Queen” to be involved in the show Come Back Kings with other names like Black Rob and Treach from Naughty By Nature. She also launched her own cosmetics line, called Pretty Girl Gang Cosmetics, specializing in products like mascara and lip gloss.

  • 12 Erica Dixon
    Atlanta has been a little less lively without Erica there, though she’s still been in on her share of the drama since her departure. As you all know, her former fiancĂ©e Scrappy is now engaged to longtime girlfriend Bambi, a subject on which Erica was not quiet: saying Scrappy was trying to get back together with her weeks before the engagement.

    She has also been keeping up with her Pretty Girls Rock events as well as speaking at schools and hosting different events.

  • 13 Raqi Thunda
    Raqi is doing well for herself since her time on the show, broadening her horizons with different types of career endeavors.

    Most notably, she announced on her Twitter page that she’s going to be coming out with her own podcast, “The Mental Phuck,” supposedly dropping in November.

  • 14 Nastassia Smith
    Nas was known for being one of the most dramatic Love & Hip Hop cast members ever, but since then, it’s looking like she’s slowed down a little bit.

    She just dropped a song on her Soundcloud page a few months ago titled, “Ms.MeToo.” Beside that, there has been less drama and more positivity across her social media pages as she lays low for a little while.

  • 15 Emily Bustamante
    As usual, Emily is still on her stylish hustle in life after the show, along with her super cuuuute model kids Johan and Jonas and now 18 year old Taina.

    She recently styled a cover shoot with French Montana for XXL and her and Fabolous continue to post pictures that make the rest of us feel bad about our lives because of how amazing theirs seem.

  • 16 Mama Jones
    Good ol’ Mama Jones apparently wasn’t ready to leave the world of television just yet.

    Her son Jim Jones and his girl Chrissy Lampkin have a new show on WeTV, “Vow or Never,” and surprise, surprise…Mama Jones is a part of it. She’s also promoting a new cologne she has coming out, called TouchĂ©.

  • 17 Somaya Reece
    Ms. Reece moved from Love & Hip Hop to a different show: Famously Single on E! and was just seen elegantly walking the runway at New York Fashion Week.

    She announced after a recent, very candid interview that she is going to be writing a book about the more difficult, intimate details of her life.

  • 18 O’Shea Russell
    Oshea and Erica Dixon have been broken up for a while now, but it looks like O’Shea still isn’t over it–he just recently took to instagram to post a picture with the former Love & Hip Hop star naming him his #WCW and saying, “I try not to miss you, but in the end, i still do”

    Don’t worry: he’s still been going to the gym twice a day and keeping up with his modeling, along with occasionally hosting parties and events.

  • 19 Erica Pinkett
    Erica left the reality TV realm to focus on her career in acting, and she’s about to be apart of one of the most anticipated releases in a long time.

    She plays Ayanna Jackson in the new Tupac biopic, “All Eyez On Me,” which began filming last year. She had her work cut out her preparing for the role because Ayanna is a controversial character, but either way it will be exciting to see her on the big screen.

  • 20 Margeaux Simms
    Margeaux has been in full music mode since she left the show.

    Her single, “Want You Need You” dropped on iTunes a few months ago, and she just recently performed at SXSW in 2016. Margeaux also appeared on Marriage Boot Camp this year with girlfriend Merike and husband Nikko Smith.

  • 21 Jhonni Blaze
    Ms. Blaze was going through some tough times and a lot of drama when we saw her on the show, but she seems to be doing a lot better now

    She’s about to drop a song with Soulja Boy called “Run It” and is the CEO of her own line of chokers, Von-Krishna.

  • 22 Tiffany Foxx
    Unfortunately, it’s been a while since we’ve heard any new music from Tiffany, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t been out here.

    Our beloved emcee has been hosting pool parties, club events, and has been seen out at events like the Bad Boy Reunion Tour with her BFF Lil Kim.

  • 23 Precious Paris
    Former Love & Hip Hop star and veteran G-Unit signee is still keeping up with her grind, but now the female emcee is straying away from rapping and focusing on the launch of her Diana Bo$$ Boutique–your supplier for anything from men’s clothing, to swimsuits, to you guessed it: hair bundles.

    It’s been a minute since we’ve heard any new tracks from Precious, but she has not been quiet on social media about letter her fans know she’s nothing without music.

  • 24 Kamiah Adams
    Since her Lil Fizz days on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Kamiah has been very publicly boo’d up with Washington Wizards player Bradley Beal for over a year now.

    She also continues to host different parties and events and effortlessly model swimwear.

  • 25 Amber Laura
    After her departure from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood and ex-boyfriend Miles Brock, Amber has been spotted in the studio with big names like DJ Quik.

    It’s been a few months since she’s released any of the music we see her working on, but she seems to be putting all of her energy toward her music career and performing at events.

  • 26 Diamond Strawberry
    In her life following the show, Diamond has really found her voice and very recently released a new single, “N.T.A.B.” (Nothin’ To A Boss) featuring Knotch.

    Since her days on Love & Hip Hop New York, She’s spending a lot of her time in Atlanta nowadays, hosting gigs and teasing new collaborations with artists like Robert Curry of Day26.

  • 27 Che Mack
    Getty Image
    Stevie J’s former artist keeps busy hosting a radio show for That Rabbit with Lore’l and Beat Billionaire.

    Che told VH1, since appearing on the show, “[I see] Scrappy here and there, I see Bambi a lot, one time I spoke to Mimi [but] she didn’t speak back and fell down the steps. Erica [Dixon] and I dated the same baller but I don’t think she knew we had talked before.”

  • 28 Nya Lee
    Since leaving Love & Hip Hop, Nya’s stopped dancing and focused solely on music. In 2015 she released her new mixtape Fur Season.

    She told VH1 she only speaks to “Mally [Mall] as he is a producer but doesn’t really associate with anyone else from the show anymore.”

  • 29 Erica Jean
    Saigon’s baby mother has appeared on the cover of Ryder Magazine and Foxtail Magazine.

    Erica updated VH1, saying, “Me and Saigon are co-parenting our son. We’re not together but we’re on better terms than before. My son is four and smart, intelligent, and talking a mile a minute. I am a full-time student, busy mom and working on a few independent acting projects some modeling here and there.”

  • 30 Shay Johnson
    Getty Images
    Scrappy’s sometimes friend (with benefits) is still keeping busy in the ATL. The former Flavor of Love bachelorette is now a fitness guru participating in charity events, such as the Save The Ta-Ta’s Free Bootcamp and the Pink Party. Shay also is a brand ambassador for Fantasia Hair Care. In her free time, Shay is still kicking it with her BFF Momma Dee, even getting into some drama at Dee’s bridal shower with Deb Antey. Oop.

  • 31 Consequence
    Since leaving reality TV, the rapper has been focused on making new music, releasing his new single “When I Wanna”. Consequence also created his own production imprint Company of Greatness. Most recently, he appeared on the latest album from A Tribe Called Quest.

  • 32 DJ Babey Drew
    Traci Steele’s ex is keeping busy continuing to DJ in the U.S. and internationally. Drew also started to make EDM music, including a record with Diplo and Skrillex. The DJ is also the creator of a music festival “Big Beat” in Atlanta. He now has a three-year-old daughter, in addition to his son with Traci and is scheduled to be married next year.

  • 33 Winter Ramos
    Winter currently works as a costumer in Magic Kingdom in Disney World.

    Of her post-Love & Hip Hop life, Winter tells VH1, “I’m in the process of opening Windy’s Boutique in Orlando and [my follow up book] Game Over Part 2 is almost ready to be released. Also I’m super busy being a mother to my two-year-old daughter Summer.”

  • 34 Olivia Longott
    Getty Images
    The “Candy Shop” singer has remained relatively private since leaving reality TV until she released a tell-all book Release Me: My Life, My Words in summer 2015. In addition to sharing G-Unit intel, Longott is still making music and released her solo album Right One for You and appeared in the independent film The Man In 3B.

  • 35 Traci Steele
    Getty Images
    Since wrapping Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, DJ Steele has launched her own line of lip gloss and clothing at Steele Pretty. The single mom has also appeared on the cover of iPush Magazine and continues to coparent alongside ex-boyfriend DJ Babey Drew. Her alleged relationship with Snootie Wild has been the thing of recent tabloid fodder.

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