When You Learn The Current Age Of These Throwback Musicians, Your Youth With Vanish Forever

Apparently pop stars are capable of aging? Who knew!

It’s always a humbling moment to realize that, much like normal humans, pop stars are subject to growing older. In my mind, for some reason, our tween idols reside on an alternate plane where it is forever 1999. Seemingly overnight, stars who once seemed perennially naive and fresh-faced suddenly turn into 50 year olds with a minivan and a mortgage to worry about.

In a confounding look at our own mortality, here are 20 musicians you didn’t realize got so old.

  • 1 JC Chasez—39
    If you don’t remember JC’s attempts at songwriting post-N’Sync, I am truly envious of you. The singer’s intellectual reflection on female sexuality, “Some Girls (Dance With Women)”, and the ever-scarring “All Day Long I Dream About Sex” are true childhood ruiners. Thankfully, JC is almost in his forties, and has layed low since his early 2000’s fame.

  • 2 Chris Kirkpatrick—44
    Most devoted N’Sync fans had a favorite member- commonly JT or Lance, and Joey Fatone if you were more adventurous. When the conversation of favorites arose, Kirkpatrick seemed to be entirely forgotten- This makes sense now, as Chris was THIRTY years old at the start of his band’s success.

  • 3 Dave Matthews—48
    South African jam-rocker Dave Matthews appeared on the scene in the early ’90s, a young fresh face with a softer alternative to grunge. His perennial baby face betrays his approach of the fifties.

  • 4 Liz Phair—48
    It seems like just yesterday Phair’s breathy pop rock was on the soundtrack of every teen movie. The now-48 year old singer is still releasing music, but most has failed to live up to the song of your senior summer, “Why Can’t I.”

  • 5 Coolio—52
    It’s hard to believe the rapper’s debut album Gangster Paradise came out 20 years ago. Coolio is still hanging around the rap scene, and no, he hasn’t outgrown his crazy braids.

  • 6 Vanilla Ice—47
    Every white girl’s favorite ’90s rapper, Vanilla Ice has done his best to stay in the spotlight over the years, appearing on a plethora of reality shows and showcasing his infamous temperament. Now 47, the original Bieber has hopefully calmed down as of late.

  • 7 Gavin Rossdale—50
    Rossdale managed to say in the spotlight due to his now-defunct marriage to Gwen Stefani. Having just turned 50, the singer continues to tour with his band Bush.

  • 8 Bjork—49
    Getty Images
    Bjork is going to turn 50 in November, but that’s just in Earth years. We all know she crash landed in Iceland from outer-space in the mid ’70s.

  • 9 Kylie Minogue—47
    Ever the Australian pop darling, Minogue has managed to stay relevant for the entirety of her 30-plus year long career.

  • 10 Mark McGrath—47
    The Sugar Ray frontman’s frosted tips defined a generation of impressionable teenage boys and set the standard of ’90s hair trends. Though he’s ditched the bleach, 47-year-old McGrath is the one of the hosts of NBC’s Extra.

  • 11 Alanis Morissette—41
    Another artist celebrating a big anniversary this year, Morissette’s debut album Jagged Little Pill was released 20 years ago this June. The original angry-girl rocker hasn’t stopped creating music, with plans to release another album soon.

  • 12 Natalie Imbruglia—40
    Imbruglia’s 1997 hit “Torn” continues to be a cathartic breakup anthem, as well as an epic throwback. The singer just released her fourth studio album, Male, earlier this year.

  • 13 Lisa Loeb—47
    Singer-songwriter Loeb always seemed wise beyond her years, so her 47 years isn’t completely shocking, until you realize her first hit “Stay” came out 21 years ago.

  • 14 Brian Littrell—40
    Though he took a backseat to Nick Carter in the band, Brian still had a huge Backstreet Boys fan following- which makes the fact that he’s now 40 even more bewildering.

  • 15 Debbie Gibson—45
    If revisiting Gibson’s 1989 hit “Lost in Your Eyes” doesn’t get you crying sloppily like a drunk teenage girl, you have no heart. Now 45, the singer recently released a collection of all four of her studio albums, and is working on new music after battling health issues.

  • 16 Fiona Apple—38
    Apple was all of 19 when she released her first studio album, Tidal. After a long career in music, the singer is still recording, most recently collaborating with Beck and Jakob Dylan at their “Echo in the Canyon” show.

  • 17 Jewel—41
    Pop-country crossover Jewel is one of the most succesful female artists of the genre, selling over 27 million albums and having been nominated for four Grammy awards. At 41, she has most recently worked as a TV host, most notably on NBC’s The Sing Off.

  • 18 Rob Thomas—42
    Thomas originally gained notoriety as the lead singer of early-2000’s soft-rockers Matchbox Twenty. Most recently, Thomas has been working on his solo career- his most recent release is 2015’s The Great Unknown.

  • 19 Jack Johnson—40
    It’s hard to believe this goofy surfer boy is 40 years old. The father of three still lives on the North Shore of Oahu, occasionally touring and hitting up the festival rounds.
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