Let These Celebrities Wearing Overalls Show You How the Trend Is Done

Overalls are back and these celebrities prove that they're hotter than ever.

Overalls are a highly contested look. Like Crocs, you either love them or you hate them. Unlike Crocs, overalls are kind of hard to pee in. They’re a polarizing look, I know.

The ’80s gave birth to the trend, the ’90s recycled it and now, overalls are back with a vengeance. They’re better looking than they ever were, and they come in a variety of styles, fits and materials—leather, anyone? If you’re trying to convert to overall-sporting, rule number one is you have to commit to the trend all the way. That means be fierce, think outside of the box and own. Your. OVERALLS.

Let Zendaya, Beyonce, Sarah Jessica Parker and more celebrities show you how to properly revive the trend, and in case you want to sport a similar look to the ones they’re wearing, we offered some look-for-less options. Happy shopping, y’all.

  • 1 Hanneli Mustaparta
    Getty Images
    One way to play up your overalls’ playfulness is by *gasp* not wearing anything underneath! It’s like the OshKosh B’gosh alternative to wearing nothing but a trench coat. Just keep both straps tightly snapped to avoid any unwanted peek-a-boo moments.

    Get it on the cheap: Madewell, $109.99

  • 2 Zendaya
    Splash News
    Zendaya always comes dressed to kill, which is why these overalls now need resuscitation. Take it from Z and opt for non-traditional snap-up overalls instead of basic two-snap ones. Pair with heels to serve that style slay.

    Get it on the cheap: Forever 21, $34.90

  • 3 Sarah Jessica Parker
    Splash News
    We’ve seen Carrie Bradshaw in an overall or two, but then again, Carrie’s worn some pretty outrageous outfits. SJP kept it low-key by pairing her cuffed overalls with sneaker heels for an outing in the city with her kids.

    Get it on the cheap: Pacsun, $59.95

  • 4 Kylie Jenner
    Splash News
    Who said overalls had to be blue denim? As Kylie proves, they look great in a variety of colors and fabrics— yes, even khaki.

    Get it on the cheap: ASOS, $81

  • 5 Kylie Jenner (again)
    KyKy’s Elizabeth and James overalls are probably worth more than your life ($465). She’s rich beyond your wildest dreams, remember? Here’s a lesson for free: Turtleneck + overalls + suede pumps = mindblowingly chic.

    Get it on the cheap: Madewell, $130

  • 6 Rihanna
    Splash News
    We couldn’t tell if these black overalls of Rihanna’s were wack or super high fashion because Rihanna’s outfits sometimes straight up read IDGAF. If you’re one of those rare people who can literally pull off whatever like RiRi can, we’ll leave this picture here for you to take notes.

    Get it on the cheap: Paige Denim, $175

  • 7 Olivia Culpo
    Getty Images
    Wearing only white is about as daring as suing Taylor Swift for (apparently) no good reason. Olivia Culpo pulled off the look without a hitch, looking fresh in white overalls, a white long sleeve and white heels.

    Get it on the cheap: Levi’s, $58.90

  • 8 Olivia Palermo
    Is there anything Olivia Palermo can’t wear? No. There literally isn’t. The fashionista sported leather — leather! — overalls for a day of window-shopping.

    Get it on the cheap: ASOS, $79

  • 9 Alexa Chung
    Splash News
    Fashion guru Alexa Chung is no stranger to overalls. She’s sported a variety of types, but this look combining black overalls with a turtleneck and Converses is one of Alexa’s more out of the box ensembles.

    Get it on the cheap: Cheap Monday, $115

  • 10 Beyonce
    Splash News
    One strap up, one strap down makes for an effortless, flaw-free look. Take it from Queen Bey, y’all.

    Get it on the cheap: ASOS, $67

  • 11 Gwen Stefani
    Splash News
    Queen Bey opted for a single strap, but Gwen Stefani opted for no straps. Free the t-shirt, am I right? Let those straps hang down in front of you! You don’t need them anyway! Très chic.

    Get it on the cheap: Blank Denim, $108

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