Bryan Cranston Sticks His Butt in Jimmy Fallon’s Face in This Bizarre, Iconic Soap Opera

Did we mention they're practically flying during it, too? Yup.

Soap operas are notoriously over the top, but do you know what’s even more ridiculous? Soap operas where the actors literally hang mid-air. Sounds totally implausible, right? Well, think again, because it happened.

Well, kinda. At least, it happened Monday night on The Tonight Show. Host Jimmy Fallon was chatting with guest Bryan Cranston when he dropped a major bomb: He unearthed from-the-vault tapes of Bryan and his stint as brothers on the short-lived (i.e.: three episodes) soap drama Suspended Suspense. And what’s the premise, you ask? Bryan and Jimmy played brothers who dealt with suspenseful issues…while suspended. Where the hell were their Emmys?

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