Celebrities Who Need Iyanla to Fix Their Lives

If she can fix Karrueche Tran after Chris Brown, she can fix these celebs.

Celebrities are not perfect. Some have some serious mess tendencies. When you have it all, it’s hard to find someone who will give it to you straight. So we’ve selected some celebs who need a professional to tell them what’s up — someone like Iyanla Vanzant.

  • 1 Johnny Depp
    Getty Images
    Before we were all focused on Terriergate, Depp was having some struggles. First, he was completely AWOL, missing the start of his Pirates of the Caribbean 5 shoot — one that had already been delayed for six weeks after he injured his hand, an injury that was only supposed to take him out for two weeks — and there were tons of rumors about his unhappiness with new bride Amber Heard (including blind items alleging someone matching Depp’s description crashing on the couch of a certain faded rock star). Iyanla, fix him —and his little dogs, too.

  • 2 Lindsay Lohan
    Oprah tried her best but the girl remains a next-level mess. At least she got her community service done. And it only took eight years.

  • 3 Kenya Moore
    Getty Images
    Kenya, you can do better than reality show love matches with married men. Iyanla should fix Kenya’s love life and her relationship with Vivica A. Fox. Two fixes for the price of one!

  • 4 Selena Gomez
    Getty Images
    Selena. Honey. Pumpkin. You need to step away from the Bieber. Iyanla will tell you how to walk away.

  • 5 Ben Affleck
    No amount of well-timed, well-photographed family outings will stop the rumors about Ben’s gambling and his possibly crumbling marriage to Jennifer Garner, no matter how much we all love them. Maybe it’s time to bring in some professionals. Iyanla and team, specifically.

  • 6 Katy Perry
    Perry has a history of poor taste in men, especially recently where she has two modes — dating douchey Diplo and dating douchey John Mayer.

  • 7 Iyanla Vanzant
    Iyanla, fix thyself! No one likes an opportunist, Iyanla — especially in a city hurting like Baltimore. Step away from the attention seeking and ambulance chasing. [/item

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