This Is What the Early 2000s Looked Like in Beauty Products

You just had to have everything from Bath & Body Works' Art Stuff line, didn't you?

The new millennium marked the start of new trends in all aspects of life—technology, fashion, beauty, music, etc. Specifically in the realms of hair, makeup and beauty, the early 2000s gravitated towards destined-to-be-dated trends like zebra highlights, hair extensions and glitter. Boatloads. Of. Glitter.

I’m talking glitter eyeliner, roll-on body glitter, glittery lip gloss, anything and everything glitter. You know the drill. And you know that Bath & Body Works was at the forefront of this trend. Did anyone else save actual dollars from allowances, birthday money, whatever money your preteen self could get a hold of so that you could cop as many products from Bath & Body Works’ glitter-infused Art Stuff collection as you could? Anyone? Oh, B&BW. You glitter pioneer, you.

Flip through to see what other trends—butterfly body stickers, y’all?—ran rampant in the early ’00s.

  • 1 Lip Smackers
    You know you had to have these in every color and flavor so you could brag and trade (ew!) during recess.

    Get it now: Cherry Lip Smackers, $2.50

  • 2 Super shiny lip gloss
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    Extra shiny lips were the fascination of the early ’00s. The color palette was typically clear or pale pink and the gloss came in tubes that you squirted onto your lips and rubbed (as opposed to using an applicator).

    Get it now: Ultra Shine Lip Gel, $14.00

  • 3 Sunless tanners
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    Spray tans and self tanners exploded in the early 2000s, but as many were still mastering the technology, not everyone had it down pat just yet. Orange hues abounded as a result.

    Get it now: Jergen’s Natural Glow Revitalizing Daily Moisturizer, $10.99

  • 4 Zebra highlights
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    Choppy, piecey highlights were the thing of the ’00s, and celebrities like Kelly Clarkson rocked the now iconic look.

    Get it now: Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Multi-Lights Highlighting Kit, Blonde H2 (Toffee Swirl), $8.29

  • 5 Zebra lowlights
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    Lowlights were the ’00s equivalent of today’s ombre hair. Both were/are polarizing hairstyles that tend to look better in theory.

    Get it now: Clairol Nice ’n Easy Frost & Tip Original, $12.39

  • 6 Roll-on body glitter
    Roll-on body glitter was always a two-for-one deal—shimmery and scented— and you know Bath & Body Works had this trend on lock. Between this and the shiny lip gloss, you were luminous for the better half of the ’00s.

    Get it now: NYX Roll On Shimmer (for body, eyes and face), $3.99

  • 7 Extensions
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    Before the styling expertise of today, many of us clipped in hair extensions with no qualms about them falling out or people noticing that they were fake. The thinking at the time: Long hair, don’t care.

    Get it now: Secret Extensions Hair Extensions, $40.00

  • 8 Body jewel stickers
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    Body jewel stickers first had a moment in the late ’90s (à la Gwen Stefani here), but the trend continued into the early ’00s. The stickers were either individual studs that came in a variety of colors or intricate designs, many of which were butterflies.

    Get it now: Multicolored Crystal Body Jewels Set of 100, $7.25

  • 9 Everything from the Arts Stuff line at Bath & Body Works
    The Art Stuff collection at Bath & Body Works was a must-have in the ’00s. From Goodness Grapeness Glitter Lotion to Apple Cosmic Cool Body Splash, you had to have them all.

    Get it now: Bath & Body Works Art Stuff Collection, ~$9.95—$168.00

  • 10 Glittery eyeliner
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    Pretty much anything glitter was in in the early ’00s, which means that glitter eyeliner (usually in liquid form) was, too. Makeup brands like Urban Decay still make liquid glitter eyeliner today, so you can continue to rock the hell out of the trend an entire decade later.

    Get it now: Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner, $20.00

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