And The Grammy For Worst Dressed Goes To…

From Madonna to Joy Villa, find out who made our list of the worst dressed at the Grammys.
  • 1 Madonna
    Oh, Madonna. You’re timeless, but this outfit isn’t. [Photo: Getty][\item]

  • 2 Ian Kilmister
    Ian Kilmister of Motorhead looks like he just stepped fresh off the set for Pirates of the Carribbean. [Photo: Getty][\item]

  • 3 RIcky Dillard
    Yellow is a tough color to wear, RIcky Dillard, and you don’t make it look any easier. [Photo: Getty][\item]

  • 4 Aymee Nuviola
    Aymee Nuviola’s hair is on point, but this dress misses the mark. [Photo: Getty][\item]

  • 5 Lila Downs
    Which one is worse: Lila Downs’ dress or her hair? [Photo: Getty][\item]

  • 6 Chris Brown
    At least we can thank Chris Brown for sparing us that terribly died hair. [Photo: Getty][\item]

  • 7 Joy Villa
    Joy Villa took a cue from a construction site. [Photo: Getty][\item]

  • 8 Antonique Smith
    Antonique Smith can’t commit to showing her belly button. [Photo: Getty][\item]

  • 9 Erica Campbell
    Erica Campbell wants you to come fly away with her and her Grammy. [Photo: Getty][\item]

  • 10 Zendaya
    Zendaya wrapped herself in an outdated curtain for tonight’s awards show. [Photo: Getty]

  • 11 Frankie Grande
    [Photo: Getty]

  • 12 Rihanna
    What’s Rihanna hiding under all that pink poof? [Photo: Getty]

The Grammys haven’t officially kicked off yet, but some artists have already lost on the red carpet. Iggy Azalea lost for Best Rap Album, but we’re not talking about music here, we’re talking about fashion. From Madonna to Joy Villa, find out who made our list of the worst dressed artists at the 2015 Grammys.

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[Photos: Getty]

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