These Artists Are Big Fans Of Sex Toys + Occasionally Splash Out Big Bucks For Them

Celebs are serious about their sex toys, y'all.

-By Natalie Rebisz

The concept of “sex sells” has been around for ages. However, in the last decade, sex toys have become more popular than ever before—especially amongst celebs. Here are some famous folks who’ve splurged for a sex toy or two.

  • 1 Beyonce and Jay-z
    For this powerhouse couple, pleasure is priceless. In 2013, outlets like RadarOnline reported that the couple dropped over $6,000 on sex toys (gold-plated of course) at the well-known NYC sex shop, Babeland.

  • 2 Rihanna
    Getty Images
    If S&M wasn’t a blatant indication, Rihanna sure loves to be bad with her whips and chains. The singer reportedly likes to visit sex stores in every new place she encounters. According to the New York Post, the singer went on a Parisian sex toy shopping spree in 2010, dropping $1,500 on merchandise.

  • 3 Victoria and David Beckham
    This hot duo knows how to keep things sexy yet classy in all aspects of their life, no matter the circumstances. David reportedly spent $1.8 million on a platinum vibrator with a 10-carat diamond base in 2004, for a then-pregnant Posh Spice.

  • 4 Miley Cyrus
    Back in 2014, Miley Crus took the Twitter world by storm. after debuting her favorite accessory while on tour – a hand dildo, a.ka. the Hand of Adonis! At $89.95, it’s kind of a steal (it’s a fake hand, people!). Before the photo went viral, days earlier Katy Perry and Cyrus shared a lip-lock at Perry’s L.A. concert. Talk about a kinky week!

  • 5 Tulisa Contostavlos
    The Brit star has definitely had her share of run-ins when it comes to sex toys. Back in 2010, not only was Tulisa pictured shopping for vibrators with a friend, the singer later admitted on Twitter that she was stopped at an airport after her bag began vibrating when checking-in. The incident caught the attention of retailer, who offered Tulisa £200,000 to design her own line of sex toys. I guess there’s a bright-side to all of this?

  • 6 Lady Gaga
    Getty Images
    Technically speaking, Lady Gaga hasn’t even had to pay for her own sex toys. In the past, the American Horror Story actress has been gifted with sexual gifts from her fans and her own back-up dancers. The singer-songwriter even has a sex toy named after her known as “The Gaga“, retailing at $180.

  • 7 Madonna and Guy Ritchie
    These days, it seems you really are never too old to play with toys. Back in 2007, according to Just Jared, Madonna was seen out In London, carrying around a sex toy dubbed the ‘Purple Perpetrator’ in a plastic bag. The 6” inch buddy seemed to show up just days before Guy’s birthday, calling for one kinky celebration.

  • 8 Taylor Momsen
    Back in 2010, at the mere age of 16, Taylor told Disorder Magazine that her “best friend is her vibrator.” Enough said.

  • 9 Mel B
    Scary Spice has had no problem publicly expressing about her great sex life with Stephen Belafonteto, along with her her affinity for sex toys – specifically a vibrator called Pocket Rocket! According to Digital Spy, the Spice Girl said the toy “does the trick every time”.