The Worst Dressed Celebs At The 16th Annual Latin Grammy Awards

Good music. Bad style.

The 16th annual Latin Grammy Awards went down Thursday night, and everyone from Zoe Saldana to Will Smith showed up and slayed for the world to see. However, some A-listers missed the memo that they needed to look good on the red carpet. This means, ya know, not showing up in whack patterns, half-finished ensembles and actually styling your hair. We still love all of these baes, but–c’mon!–do better. Y’all have stylists. Here are the 10 worst dressed people from Latin music’s biggest night.

  • 1 Farruko
    Hey there, RED.

  • 2 Raquel Sofia
    Getty Images
    This floral print is better suited for a Lowe’s shower curtain display than the red carpet.

  • 3 Yandel
    Getty Images
    Did he pull fabric from a ’90s porn star’s comforter? Seems like it to us.

  • 4 Jesse Huerta
    Getty Images
    His blazer is inspired by your grandmother’s 1994 couch that no one was allowed to actually sit on.

  • 5 Maria Barracuda
    Getty Images
    This is a pool cover-up. Not a dress.

  • 6 Gabriela Tarkanyi
    Getty Images
    Depressing blue and mud red do not match. Ever. Under any circumstance.

  • 7 Fernando Otero
    Getty Images
    There is a lot happening here, and none of it is good.

  • 8 Lili Estefan
    Getty Images
    Ms. Estefan’s dress is perfectly fine; it’s that hair we’re concerned about. What’s going on, love? Did you mess it up in the car ride over? Did you have a 6-year-old style it? Did you decide ’90s hairdos were making a comeback? Either way, this is problematic.

  • 9 Dinah-Jane Hansen
    Getty Images
    This Fifth Harmony queen normally kills it. However, she misses the mark here—mostly because this damn dress looks unfinished.

  • 10 Mr. Pauer
    Getty Images
    Someone should’ve told Mr. Pauer he was attending an awards show, not DJing a child’s 8th birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese.