OMG-Worthy Things in Toy Story You Didn’t Pick up on As a Kid

Did Woody and Bo Peep just have intercourse or nah?

Twenty years ago today, pop culture history was made with the release of a little movie called Toy Story. In addition to being the first fully computer-generated full-length feature film ever, it was its relatable yet bold characters and riveting plot pulling at heartstrings that made the movie so damn iconic. In honor of the big anniversary, we re-watched the film and found hidden gems that make the movie even more epic. Like, why does a six-year-old know what a saloon is? Are the toys having sex? Are they getting drunk? What are they not telling us?!?!?

Take a look at what we found below and prepare to be more blown away than Andy on his sixth birthday.

  • Andy made a fake “saloon” out of a box to play with with Woody and his toys.


    Because all six-year-olds know what the bar is and that cowboys hang out at them. Super questionable.

  • Steve Jobs, as in the international icon behind Apple, executive produced the movie.


    We wouldn’t have expected you to pick up on this or even know who Steve was as a kid. But it’s pretty mind-blowing to learn now, right? Steve was also one of the three co-founders of Pixar.

  • Mr. Potato Head is a practicing Christian.


    When Andy is opening presents at his birthday party, MPH does the sign of the cross just before the very last-and possibly most threatening-toy is opened.

  • Bo Peep is thirsty as hell.


    Here, she entices Woody with the line: “Thank you for watching my flock, what do you say I get someone else to watch the sheep tonight?” Get it, girl.

  • Seriously, she’s the thirstiest.


    When Buzz Lightyear comes into the picture and shows off his impressive functions, she mutters: “I found my move-in buddy” under her breath.

  • According to BuzzFeed, the books in Andy’s room have intentional names and authors.


    Some of the names are those of short Pixar films such as Adventures of Andre and Wally B. and Knick Knack, while some of the authors are names of Pixar staff.

  • Andy’s mom is a badass single mom.


    Such a queen.

  • Side note: there has been theory after theory about who she is and where/who Andy’s father is.


    Not the picture-perfect family you’d expect to see in an animated kids’ movie. We love seeing this solo woman run ish.

  • Buzz gets “drunk.”


    After Buzz learns he is in fact just a toy, his spirits are crushed, he gets depressed and essentially wasted at a “tea party.” He’s venting to the other dolls, like one would at the bar after a rough day, and Woody has to drag him out while he talks gibberish and can’t physically move.

  • Sid’s TM 31-210 Improvised Interrogation Handbook is a real, US Special Forces manuel… sort of.


    The real-life version is titled TM 31-210 Improvised Munition Handbook-a “manual intended for the United States Special Forces describing manufacture of improvised weapons and explosives from readily available materials, from junk piles, common household chemicals and supplies purchased from regular stores.” According to Wikipedia, early releases of the movie had the document with the correct title, and the word “Interrogation” was swapped in in later versions.

  • Soooo did Woody and Bo just bone?


    At the end of the flick, we see Bo Peep pull Woody down out of the frame as we hear aggressive kissing noises. Then, the usually-uptight Woody is relaxed and calm as a cucumber, telling Buzz to calm down. Either Bo’s a really good kisser or… you know.

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