It’s Official: Ugly Christmas Socks Are the New Tacky Christmas Sweater

Tacky feet are the best feet.

I love a good tacky Christmas sweater. Give me a bright red polyester hoodie with green cotton-balls and Santa’s mug splashed across the front, and I’m on board. There’s something ironic about the tacky Christmas sweater–a self-referential wink that lets the world know you know you look horrible. And you’re damn proud of it.

But move over, sweater, there is a new ridic accessory aiming to dethrone you: The ugly Christmas sock. Yes, clad with disgusting color schemes and obnoxious cartoon faces, these bad boys are set to wreak toe-hugging havoc on your holiday wardrobe. We’re so here for it.

Will they outshine the Christmas sweater this year? With styles like the 10 cited below, all signs point to yes. We may or may not have ordered every pair on this list. Two times over.

  • 1 Netflix socks are a thing.
    Well, kinda. The streaming powerhouse has released a step-by-step guide for creating socks that can pause what you’re watching the second you fall asleep. Get the deets here. If you pick the ugly pattern shown above, then you’re in line with this year’s ugly sock movement.

  • 2 If you don’t have a full turkey and fixings on your footwear, then what’s the point?

  • 3 And GTFO if your sock doesn’t have a reindeer popping out of it.

  • 4 Self-deprecating socks are meta and will make you appear more intelligent than you probably are.

  • 5 Who needs shoes when you have these babies to support you?

  • 6 This man is ready to get his life. Are you?

  • 7 Some say creepy. We say festive.

  • 8 ~*I LoVe cHrIsTmAs~*

  • 9 Frosty popping over to say hi.

  • 10 Feel your oats with these ornament-covered gam blankets.

  • 11 So sexual. So Santa. So necessary.