Over-The-Top Rapper Birthday Cakes That Put Cake Boss To Shame

These cakes showed up and showed out.

Bet you wish your name was on one of these.

The following rappers did their birthdays right, i.e. with cakes that make the ones you see on Cake Boss look like banana pudding. From Nicki Minaj’s Barbie cake to Ludacris getting one for each of his talents, these rappers did it all the way up with ridiculous cakes on their birthdays.

Peep your faves’ b-day cakes below, paired with some of their birthday lyrics. ? And it’s not even my birthday. ? (JK. Every day is Drake’s birthday.)

  • 1 Drake
    ? It’s my birthday, I’ll get high if I want to ?

    “Take Care” feat. Rihanna by Drake

  • 2 Diddy
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    ? I remember the first day that I saw her face / The feeling I had sorta felt like my birthday ?

    “After Love” feat. Keri Hilson by Puff Daddy

  • 3 Fabolous
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    ? This is my party, stroll by if you want to / Or y’all can stay home, but why would you want to? ?

    “This Is My Party” by Fabolous

  • 4 Kanye West
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    ? It’s my birthday, I deserve to be greedy huh ?

    “Birthday Song” feat. Kanye West by 2 Chainz

  • 5 Rico Love
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    ? Oh shit, here we are, champagne, caviar / Poke your lips out, blow them candles, you’re a superstar ?

    “Happy Birthday” by Rico Love

  • 6 Iggy Azalea
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    ? You fucked her on my birthday and that’s what really hurt the most / You tell the truth half way, guess that’s why this unfixable ?

    “Slo.” by Iggy Azalea

  • 7 Jeezy
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    ? Y’all sing happy birthday, yeah, I got that super cake ?

    “Put On” feat. Kanye West by Jeezy

  • 8 Jeezy (again)
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    ? I’m so excited, you damn right I can’t wait / This my birthday I got big cake ?

    “Still On It” by Jeezy

  • 9 Tyga
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    ? Happy birthday, today my day / I make a wish, I blow the cake ?

    “Happy Birthday” by Tyga

  • 10 Snoop Dogg
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    ? Happy birthday! / Celebrate, drink up, get your cake up ?

    “Happy Birthday Pt. 2” feat. Pooh Bear by Snoop Dogg

  • 11 Nas
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    ? I woke up early on my born day; I’m 20, it’s a blessing / The essence of adolescence leaves my body, now I’m fresh ?

    “Life’s A Bitch” feat. A.Z. by Nas

  • 12 Ludacris
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    ? Everyday is my birthday so surprise! Lets have birthday sex ?

    “Birthday Sex (Remix)” feat. Fabolous & Ludacris by Jeremih

  • 13 Nicki Minaj
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    ? That’s what my girls say / Errday my birthday / Young Money sipping rozay when we thirstay ?

    “Young Money Ballaz” feat. Lil Wayne by Nicki Minaj

  • 14 Lil Wayne
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    ? No it ain’t my birthday but I got my name on my cake ?

    “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy” feat. Birdman by Lil Wayne

  • 15 Foxy Brown
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    ? See it ain’t no party like a Fox Brown party / Cuz a Fox Brown party don’t stop ?

    “Whatcha Gonna Do” by Foxy Brown

  • 16 Lauryn Hill
    Getty Images
    ? Now I be breaking bread sipping Manischewitz wine / Pay no mind party like it’s 1999 ?

    “Final Hour” by Lauryn Hill

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.