Celebrities Who Are Certified to Do Random-as-Hell Things

Life goal: Have Emma Watson teach me yoga.

Celebrities wear many hats. However, we bet you didn’t think flying planes, teaching yoga and accounting–yup–are in their skills wardrobe. Believe it or not, some of your favorite A-listers are certified–as in they took tests and crap–in the most random activities. Some sort of make sense. (Eva Longoria and her bangin’ bod can teach you aerobics!), but others are totally left field. (Um, like Kris Jenner being ordained.) Read on to find out what crazy things these celebrities can do (and have the receipts to prove it). Let us know if any of them really surprise you in the comments below.

  • 1 Lady Gaga
    Getty Images
    In 2011, Mother Monster was ordained by the Universal Life Church to marry two friends–both women. If Gaga doesn’t officiate, then what’s the point of tying the knot?

  • 2 Emma Watson
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    In between casting spells, Empress Watson found time to get certified in teaching yoga. “I was like ‘I need to find a way to always feel safe and at home within myself. Because I can never rely on a physical place,” Emma told ELLE Australia.

  • 3 Eva Longoria
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    Before hitting the big time, Eva got certified to teach aerobics and personal train.

  • 4 Harrison Ford
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    Harrison has licenses to fly both helicopters and airplanes. In fact, he’s flown rescue helicopters at the request of local police and fire departments.

  • 5 Kevin Kennedy
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    The famed Boston Red Sox coach surprisingly has CPA certification. In other words, he can coach a mean first base and also file your taxes. Dream man.

  • 6 Kris Jenner
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    The “Remember when Kim did her song ’Jam’?” icon actually has the power to marry baes in California. So, here’s my question: Why didn’t she officiate the Kim and Kanye nuptials?

  • 7 Hugh Jackman
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    Before muscle-slaying us as The Wolverine, Hugh was certified to teach physical education. He event taught at England’s Uppingham School.

  • 8 Demi Moore
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    In 2013, the actress took a three-day class to get certified in Kundalini teaching. If you have to Google what the eff this is, don’t worry: We did, too.