Rita Ora’s Monstrous Turtleneck, Corey Gamble’s Yeezy Getup + More Worst Dressed Celebrities This Week

Nice to see you back on here, Justin Bieber.

This week was hardly one for dressing well. Let’s paint the picture. You ate turkey. You changed into sweatpants. You proceeded to stay in those sweatpants the entire weekend. Same.

The truth is, you did it right. But as for these celebrities? Not so much. Perhaps we all would have been better off living in our sweats this week. From Rita Ora’s carnivorous turtleneck to Justin Bieber’s slashed jeans, here are your worst dressed celebrities of the week.

  • 1 Corey Gamble
    Getty Images
    Looks like Kris Jenner’s boo got that Yeezy hookup for real.

  • 2 Rita Ora
    Getty Images
    Someone please save Rita before her turtleneck swallows her whole.

  • 3 Kathryn Hahn
    Getty Images
    Kathryn looks comfy AF, but to be honest, we’re not sure what the situation is with this sweater.

  • 4 Carson Elrod
    Getty Images
    Oy. Those stripes! Patriotic, though, right?

  • 5 Justin Bieber
    Getty Images
    Justin, bb, you have money in the bank. Why are your jeans slashed?

  • 6 Hari Nef
    Getty Images
    I’d make a case for the dress, but she lost me with the loafers.

  • 7 Paula Abdul
    Getty Images
    Paula’s body looks great, but why is there a golden waterfall in between her breasts?

  • 8 Tyrese
    Getty Images
    Does anyone else know what’s going on here?

  • 9 Matthew Saldivar
    Getty Images
    I’m not sure what’s more unsettling: that hat or the stark contrast between the top and bottom halves of this outfit.

  • 10 Z LaLa
    Getty Images
    Creative? Yes. Suitable to wear to the AMAs? Nah.

  • 11 Tyger Drew-Honey
    Getty Images
    Those pants and that jacket are battling for the “statement piece” title.

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.