Laura Bush, Caitlyn Jenner + More Famous People You Definitely Forgot Killed People

More celebrities than you think have taken other people's lives.

The O.J. Simpson case is one of the most infamous and high-profile lawsuits of all time. But did you know about these other famous people who have killed people?

Former FLOTUS Laura Bush was once involved in a car crash that took her friend’s life. Snoop Dogg was tied up in a murder back in 1993. It’s chilling to know that more celebrities than you think have taken other people’s lives, and while their fame ultimately doesn’t change the act for better or worse, it’s crazy to think that people in such high places have killed—whether intentionally or by accident.

Peep the gallery to find out which other celebrities you forgot killed people.

  • 1 Keith Moon
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    The Who drummer Keith Moon accidentally killed his driver and bodyguard Neil Boland after a night out at a pub opening. Keith was trying to escape rowdy patrons who were rocking his Bentley and in the process, he ran over Boland. The death was ultimately ruled an accident, but it haunted Keith until his dying breath.

  • 2 Ted Kennedy
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    Senator Ted Kennedy was involved in a car accident back in 1969 that left his friend Mary Kopechne to drown. In a statement he gave to the police, Ted said that the car “went off the side of the bridge.” It sank into the water and Mary died as a result.

  • 3 Sid Vicious
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    Sid Vicious was arrested and charged with the murder of his girlfriend Nancy Spungen in 1978. Sid and Nancy had been staying at Hotel Chelsea in NYC when the two got into a fight. Sid said that he stabbed Nancy, and though he didn’t mean to kill her, she died. He later tried to commit suicide and was admitted to a hospital.

  • 4 Snoop Dogg
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    Snoop Dogg was arrested and charged with the murder of Phillip Wondermariam in 1993. Snoop’s bodyguard McKinley Lee actually shot and killed Wondermariam, but Snoop was charged because he drove the car from which the shooting occurred. He and Lee were eventually acquitted.

  • 5 Caitlyn Jenner
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    This past February, Caitlyn Jenner was involved in a fatal multi-vehicle crash that killed Kimberly Howe. Caitlyn wasn’t charged with manslaughter or a misdemeanor, though she did face two lawsuits—one from another woman whose car was hit in the crash and a second from Kimberly’s stepchildren.

  • 6 Laura Bush
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    When Laura Bush was still in college, she ran a stop sign and got into a car crash that killed her friend (and ex-boyfriend, according to some) Michael Dutton Douglas. Laura and her passenger suffered minor injuries, and as she wrote in her book, the incident caused her to lose her faith for a long time.

  • 7 Brandy
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    Brandy was driving home one night in 2006 when she got into an accident that ultimately took the life of a woman named Awatef Aboudihaj. Awatef was hospitalized and died in the hospital the day after the incident. Brandy wasn’t arrested or charged, though she did settle multiple lawsuits resulting from the accident out of court.

  • 8 Matthew Broderick
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    Matthew Broderick and then-girlfriend Jennifer Grey were driving through Northern Ireland back in 1987 when Matthew veered into oncoming traffic and killed a mother, Margaret Doherty, and daughter, Anna Gallagher. Matthew and Jennifer both suffered injuries, and Matthew was eventually charged with careless driving and had to pay a meager fine of $175.

  • 9 Felicia Pearson
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    When The Wire actress Felicia Pearson was just 14 years old, she was convicted of second degree murder after a girl named Okia Toomer was shot and killed. Felicia received two eight-year sentences at a correctional institute in Maryland, and she was let go after six and a half years.

  • 10 Vince Neil
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    Vince Neil and Hanoi Rocks drummer Nicholas Dingley were driving to a liquor store when Neil, who was inebriated at the time, drove into a car in the opposite lane. The force of the accident caused the two people in the other car to suffer brain damage, and Dingley died. Neil served 15 days in jail and was sentenced to five years probation, ordered to complete 200 hours of community service and ordered to pay $2.6 million in damages to the victims.

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