BINO! BINO! : Moniece Uses Her Safe Word at the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Reunion So She Wouldn’t Set It Off In There

If you can dish it, you should be able to take it...

The claws came out on part one of the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion.  When offered an opportunity to #ClapBack at Moniece for what she said during a #CheckYourself segment, Princess did more than clap back; she came at MoMo’s whole life. Moniece had to “woosah” her way off that stage before she snatched someone up (again). (Y’all know she hops banisters and all that in 4-inch heels, so it’s probably a good thing she exited stage left.)  Rich wasn’t having all the “she ain’t got no roof over her head” slander though. Even though he may not wanna put a ring on it anymore, he said he would very much put a roof over her head if she ever needed (which she doesn’t, for the record).

“Moniece talk a lot of s–t about people she can pick on, when it’s people she can’t pick on, then she wanna bow down”. Do you agree with Ray J? Did MoMo run with her tail between or legs, or did she potentially save someone from her wrath? And what was that safe-word? We’re imagining it’s actually THIS Beano

Part two of the Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Reunion airs Monday at 8/7c!

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