10 Pop Stars We Totally Forgot Were In Playboy

Damn, girl!

By Frank Donovan

  • 1 Willa Ford
    Getty Images
    When you think about it, this is the least surprising entry on the list.

  • 2 Geri Halliwell
    Ginger Spice posed for Playboy in May 1998, the same month she announced her departure from The Spice Girls.

  • 3 Debbie Gibson
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    Gibson posed for the mag in March 2005, long after her ’80s teen queen days.

  • 4 Belinda Carlisle
    Carlisle graced the pages of Playboy in August 2001.

  • 5 Aubrey O’Day
    O’Day stripped down for Playboy in March 2009 to help prepare for a long career of scando Instagrams.

  • 6 Carnie Wilson
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    You crazy for this one, Carnie.

  • 7 Madonna
    Madonna posed for the magazine cover in September 1985, but the photos inside were taken pre-fame.

  • 8 Nancy Sinatra
    Whatup Frank.

  • 9 LaToya Jackson
    LaToya’s appearance in Playboy in March 1989 is probably the least controversial event in Jackson family history.

  • 10 Tiffany
    Tiffany took one last lunge toward notoriety with this April 2002 spread.