North West and Penelope Disick Are the Most Adorable Tiny Dancers You’ll Ever See

We're not worthy of this cuteness.

Tiny cousins North West and Penelope Disick could not possibly be any cuter. Oh, wait. Yes they could. Put tutus on them. Good god, it’s like they’re trying to kill us with preciousness. We surrender!

Check out these adorable little ballerinas and join us in aww-ing at their adorability (and saluting their paparazzi-directed side-eyes).

  • 1
    Here, North is clearly saying, “YES I NEED THIS PEACOAT. It is 73 degrees is Los Angeles right now–I DO NOT BOTHER WITH LESS THAN A BALMY 80.”

  • 2
    “Mom, why does Nana Kris keep calling these people every time we leave the house? They’re totally cramping my style.”

  • 3
    “Mom, I’m so happy you dressed appropriately to change our oil on the way here. Practical and fashionable.”

  • 4
    “WHAT. DEAL WITH ALL THIS.” – North West

  • 5
    “Seriously, she’s 35 pounds of fierce; she’ll take you down.” – Penelope Disick

  • 6
    Please notice that Kim is holding tiny tap shoes. TINY TAP SHOES!

  • 7
    “So I told her, ’Riley Curry, give the guy your gum, the people will love it,’ and she gets ALL THE CREDIT.”

  • 8
    “Being this perfect is literally giving me a headache, Penny, I can’t even talk about it.” [/item