These Gorgeous Hanukkah Nail Designs Are Far From Schlocky

And when they're dry and ready, oh Hanukkah nails you shall slay.

Hanukkah is upon us, which means it’s time to get your nails on point so you can serve up eight days of unending, manicured slay.

If your nail beds are looking for inspiration, these Hanukkah-themed nail designs are exactly what you need. Do you like your nails punny? Drizzled with abstract designs? Painted with dreidels on your flair nail? There’s something in here for everyone, people. So hop to it!

And Happy Hanukkah.

  • 1 These Star of David snowflakes
    These nails are glitter AF, but not latke-friendly.

  • 2 The dreidel flair nail
    Dreidel domination.

  • 3 This punny mani
    Oy to the world! These bomb ass nails have come.

  • 4 This intricate hand-painted design
    This might actually take you eight nights to do.

  • 5 These perfectly primped silver and blue nails
    The Maccabees would approve.

  • 6 This abstract design
    Abstract Hanukkah is the best Hanukkah.

  • 7 This symbolic set
    So spiritual. ?

  • 8 These dreidel-patterned nails
    And when they’re dry and ready, oh Hanukkah nails you shall slay.

  • 9 These jeweled claws
    Hanukkah with a bite.

  • 10 The Star of David flair nail
    Serving Star of David realness.

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.