Celebrity Looks That Tried, But Failed at Being Fashionable Last Week

Shout out to Pamela Anderson, who straight up wore a blanket.

While some celebrities were serving major leg at Rihanna’s Diamond Ball, others were missing the mark. All. Week. Long.

Shit happens, (*insert shruggie emoji here*), but that doesn’t mean we can’t still get our lives from these terrible outfits celebrities seemingly threw together like you throw together a late night snack in your kitchen. Shout out to Pamela Anderson, who straight up wore a blanket as an outfit. Don’t ever change.

Check out last week’s worst dressed celebrities below.

  • 1 Sylvester Stalone
    Getty Images
    I’ve never seen alien vomit, but I imagine it looks something like this shirt.

  • 2 Jennifer Hudson
    Getty Images
    This might not be JHud’s best look, but NYC is cold and she looks comfy AF.

  • 3 Behati Prinsloo
    Getty Images
    Did Cookie Lyon lend Behati her coat for the day? Hoping that Behati didn’t pay actual dollars for that.

  • 4 Jennifer Lopez
    Getty Images
    Why is Jenny from the block wearing snow boots in sunny Los Angeles?

  • 5 Sharon Osbourne
    Getty Images
    It looks like Cookie Lyon was handing out all of her coats this week.

  • 6 Reese Witherspoon
    Getty Images
    Reese donned her best Elle Woods for a day out and about in LA.

  • 7 Pamela Anderson
    Getty Images
    Maybe Pamela has it right, guys. We should all just wear blankets instead of clothes this winter season.

  • 8 Marion Cotillard
    Getty Images
    Is that a cape SHIRT? A shirt CAPE? Just some cloth with arm slits? I dunno.

  • 9 Adam Sandler
    Getty Images
    This is the very moment that Adam Sandler reached peak Adam Sandler.

  • 10 Abigail Ratchford
    Getty Images
    I get what she was going for, here. Pantsuits are making a comeback, y’all. Unfortunately, this one wasn’t the most flattering.

  • 11 Raven-Symoné
    It was Raven-Symoné’s birthday, so she can wear glitter eyebrows if she wants to. Right?

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.