The Hottest Game Show Hosts of the 2000s

Winning our libidos.

Game shows are an A+ way to spend a day home sick. They’re entertaining, addicting but–most important–feature total smokeshow hosts. The Game Show Network has a roster of baes who light up our screens with their smile, smolder and stamina. (Seriously, how can they all stand up for so long? It’s magic.)

These 10 hosts are, hands down, the hottest from the 2000s game show era. From silver foxes to baby-faced bbs, this is a true sexy buffet. Grab a bottle of water and your pearls for this one, folks. It’s about to get very steamy.

  • 1 Mark Curry, Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush (2000)
    Getty Images
    Can I take a nap in that smile, though?

  • 2 Jeff Probst, Survivor (2000-present)
    Getty Images
    Let’s go to a stranded island, to be honest.

  • 3 Wayne Brady, Don’t Forget the Lyrics! (2007-2009)
    Singing straight to my sex drive.

  • 4 Mike Richards, Beauty and the Geek (2005-2008)
    GSN, Twitter
    All beauty. No geek.

  • 5 Joe Rogan, Fear Factor (2001-2006)
    Getty Images
    What do you have to fear when you have Joe’s big strong tattooed arms to keep you safe?

  • 6 John O’Hurley, Family Feud (2006-2010)
    Getty Images
    All I want for Christmas is this silver fox.

  • 7 Brooke Burns, Dog Eat Dog (2002-2003)
    Getty Images
    Slaying my existence.

  • 8 Howie Mandel, Deal or No Deal (2005-2009)
    Getty Images
    Dealing out those orgasms, am I right?

  • 9 Dylan Lane, Chain Reaction (2006-2007)
    I have a strong reaction to Dylan’s chiseled jawline.

  • 10 Ben Bailey, Cash Cab (2005-2012)
    Discovery Channel
    Can we go for a ride, Ben?