Mary-Kate Olsen’s Spooktacular Outfit + More Worst Dressed Celebrities This Week

Kesha came through looking like a flower power angel.

The end of the week has come and gone, which means that it’s time to look back on the past seven days and reflect on all of the terrible outfits celebrities wore.

You have to know, dear reader, that we do this for you. It’s your weekly reminder that stars are just like you when you’re in sweats at the nearest corner store, grabbing a tub of ice cream from the freezer. It’s also a reminder that having dollars in the bank has absolutely zero correlation to dressing well. It just might be the case that the more dollars you have, the more problems you have dressing yourself.

In the words of Luann de Lesseps, “money can’t buy you class” and it can’t buy you a solid sense of fashion, either. Check out this week’s worst dressed celebrities here.

  • 1 Rebel Wilson
    Getty Images
    Rebel definitely got into a fight with this sweater while mid-air. Who do we think won, here?

  • 2 Marisa Tomei
    Getty Images
    The fit of these jeans is nauseating. Someone pass a bucket.

  • 3 Mary-Kate Olsen
    Getty Images
    Ugh, you guys, MK is casting spells again.

  • 4 Beyonce
    Getty Images
    Who let Beyonce leave the house looking a Christmas tree mess this week? Was it you, Ty Hunter?

  • 5 Drew Barrymore
    Getty Images
    Drew looks like a lonely grandmother welcoming her family home for the holidays. “Come inside, dear!”

  • 6 Kesha
    Getty Images
    In case anyone was wondering what Kesha’s up to these days, here she is channeling the happier version of an Olsen twin.

  • 7 Jennifer Garner
    Getty Images
    Life is but a Gap ad for Jennifer Garner.

  • 8 Fergie
    Getty Images
    Does this sweater have a FLAP? Does this bag look angry?!

  • 9 Josh Duhamel
    Getty Images
    You okay, Josh? Please find wifey before she and her angry bag blow away in the wind.

  • 10 Sarah Jessica Parker
    Getty Images
    Carrie Bradshaw wouldn’t be caught dead in this outfit. You know this, SJP.

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.