You May Be Blessed but You Look a Hot Mess: The Craziest Looks from VH1 Celebs in 2015

Let's aim to do better in 2016, bb.

This year has definitely been crazy but of course we couldn’t wrap up the year without showing you all the biggest hot messes of 2015. The makeup, hair, and outfit glam is usually on point but everyone has their off days.

Here are some times that stood out when your favorite VH1 stars just tried it and failed miserably. There’s always ’16, luvs.

  • 1 Cooter Catastrophe
    Just, no child. Just no.

  • 2 When it’s mad hot outside but only your arms are cold

  • 3 Please RIP these hats in 2016

  • 4 Shanda, girl, some make up setting mist is like $10

  • 5 We love Deb but, breh

  • 6 You do know that you’re in a shop in Harlem, not the Grammy’s right?

  • 7 Girl, there are Christians in the audience, smh

  • 8 If Carol Brady got a tan

  • 9 When you’re a monk but you still want to go to the party

  • 10 Seriously looked like it was 90 degrees that day

  • 11 You know when someone’s trying to throw shade and say “you look like u rolled out of bed”?
    This is what they mean…

  • 12 KD got them funfetti bundles on zeck!

  • 13 Scarves are not meant for this

  • 14 Time and place girlfriend, time and place

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