Don Needs To Bring It Down From A Ten To A Two: The 9 Mag Crew Chop It Up About What Went Left At Their Yacht Party In This Black Ink Crew Chicago Bonus Clip

"We just trying to enjoy the time and to see it going left field is f---n' crazy."

The yacht party was definitely one for the books. From the booty shaking to the continuous liquor flow, for a second there the crew was having a seemingly great time. In this bonus clip, they reflect on the highs and lows (Van’s swimming was definitely a bit of both).

As you know, it didn’t stay like that for long. “WW3” definitely broke out when Charmaine couldn’t help to bring up the Don situation again. It wasn’t the fact that Charmaine and Ashley were talking (according to Danielle they were quite ami? Aeropostale? Oh, amicable), it was when Don entered the convo that things. Got. Heated.

Don can’t just keep wildn’ out there in like that, especially in the mean streets of Chi town. He needs to learn how to hold it down.

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