Celebrity Candids From This Week That Will Make You Chortle

Shout-out to Tracy Morgan eating popcorn the way it's meant to be eaten.

The paparazzi are both a blessing and a curse.

They might be obnoxiously rude and completely unhelpful at times, i.e. when Lady Gaga’s knees have given way and NO ONE is offering her a hand. But the paps are quite skillful at capturing the perfect candid, including shots of Tracy Morgan stuffing his face with popcorn in broad daylight. You know you do the same thing in the dark at the movie theater.

From Tracy to Pharrell to Hilary Duff, these are the funniest paparazzi candids from this week.

  • 1 Jon Stewart
    Getty Images
    “Son, maybe one day you’ll marry a woman like that.”

  • 2 Tracy Morgan
    Getty Images
    “Yup, this is the shit right here.”

  • 3 Willie Nelson
    Getty Images
    “God, I hate these pants.”

  • 4 Bai Ling
    Getty Images
    “I literally worship these checks.”

  • 5 Lisa Vanderpump
    Getty Images
    “I love my life, I love my pets, I love my husband and I love this suit.”

  • 6 Kelly Bensimon
    Getty Images
    “To tweet or not to tweet…??!?!?”

  • 7 Pharrell
    Getty Images
    “Are you sure you want to eat this, ma’am?”

  • 8 Hilary Duff
    Getty Images
    “Should I Snapchat these bags? I’m gonna Snapchat them.”

  • 9 Emmy Rossum
    Getty Images

  • 10 Seal
    Getty Images
    “Bet you forgot about me, didn’t you?”

  • 11 Megan Hilty
    Getty Images

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.