Who Is Ariane’s Girlfriend, DJ Toni K?

She's way more than just Ariane's girlfriend
  • 1 The Big Reveal
    Even though we already crowned Ariane and DJ Toni K one of VH1’s Sexiest Couples, DJ Toni K didn’t make her Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta debut until tonight’s episode.

  • 2 She’s A NYC DJ
    And she’s been in the Big Apple scene for fifteen years! For her to uproot and move to the ATL, you just know she cares about Ariane.

  • 3 And They Are Pretty Cute Together
    This pic was taken when Ariane made a surprise trip to see DJ Toni K when she was DJ’ing in NYC.

  • 4 Can You Say Sexy?

  • 5 They Are Super Stylish
    Together, they are unstoppable. [/item
  • 6 And In Love
    And totally devoted to each other. [/item
  • 7 Valentines!
    This photo of the beautiful couple from V-Day is adorable.

  • 8 Taking Flight!
    This mile-high selfie is everything.

  • 9 They’re Adventurous!
    This shot from almost a year ago shows the pair on one of their many getaways together! [/item
  • 10 We Can’t Wait to See What This Couple Has to Offer
    We’ve got our eyes on Atlanta’s hottest power couple.

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