Spittin’ Image: VH1 Celebs and Their Doppelgänger Kids

Talk about a two-way twister.

Sister, sister! Talk about a two-way twister. Some people look like their moms or pops and some people look like their moms or pops. Whether it’s The Game’s spittin’ image in Harlem or Evelyn Lozada’s mini me, Shaniece Hairston, some VH1 celebs have kids that look just like them. Don’t believe us? Check out these parent-child twins from your favorite VH1 shows now.

  • 1 Stevie J and Stevie Jr.
    Stevie’s got those strong genes. All his kiddos look like him.

  • 2 Rasheeda and Karter
    With or without their hats, these two are curly haired twins.

  • 3 Big Ang Raiola and Raquel
    Big Ang/Getty
    Old school Ang looks just like her daughter Raquel!

  • 4 Royce Reed and Braylon
    It’s the smile. And the eyes. And the face shape.

  • 5 Fabolous and Johan
    We didn’t know swag was hereditary but these two are like, samesies.

  • 6 Tami Roman and Lyric
    Eyes, nose, chin, and red carpet pose to boot.

  • 7 The Game and Harlem
    Heartbreakers? Like father, like son.

  • 8 Yandy Smith and Omere
    Both Omere and Skylar got their momma’s hair and piercing eyes. Adorable!

  • 9 Shaunie O’Neal and Mimi
    With that smile and that complexion (and that hand on her hip), Mimi is a mini mogul in the making just like mom, Shaunie.

  • 10 T.I. and Domani
    T.I.’s kids all bear resemblance to their famous dad but current day Domani and he could pass for twins.

  • 11 Evelyn Lozada and Shaniece
    Evelyn and Shaniece have the same eyes and smile and with the (likely) same glam squad, these two look more like sisters than mother and daughter.

Who are other celebrity kids who look just like their famous parent? Sound off in the comments!