These Are Kanye’s “Real Friends,” According to Twitter

F a fake friend.

Kanye West just dropped a new song called “Real Friends” this afternoon, and the Twitter nonsense has already started.

It began when Four Pins tweeted out photos of Kanye with random celebrities. Twitter got in on the action, posting more awkward, smile-less candids of Kanye with his “real friends”—Hillary Clinton, DJ Khaled (MAJOR key) and Tom Cruise, to name a few.

Turns out that Kanye is low-key the most popular person ever. Like, more so than Taylor Swift. But there’s no competition because they’re real friends, too. Squad goals, y’all.

Peep Twitter’s funniest photos of Kanye and his besties in the gallery below.

  • 1 Aziz Ansari
    Best buds.

  • 2 Justin Bieber
    Is there anyone the Biebs isn’t friends with?

  • 3 Terry Richardson
    Ah, yes. Creepy Uncle Terry.

  • 4 Britney Spears
    This is honestly priceless.

  • 5 Anna Wintour
    Friends in fashion, front row seats, everything.

  • 6 Tom Cruise
    Roc fam!

  • 7 Robin Williams
    Someone frame this for Yeezy.

  • 8 Jerry Seinfeld
    Oh my God, is Jerry Illuminati?

  • 9 Taylor Swift

  • 10 Hillary Clinton
    You know what Hillary needs to win the 2016 election? A Yeezy pantsuit.

  • 11 John Mayer
    For life.

  • 12 Ron Burgundy
    A friendship so real, it literally transcends reality.

  • 13 These randoms
    Never forget. Ever.

  • 14 DJ Khaled
    Khaled X Yeezus = MAJOR key.

  • 15 The cast of Entourage
    Bless them all, Yeezus, every one.

  • 16 Amy Schumer
    Red carpet roadkill turned friend for life.

  • 17 Jimmy Kimmel
    Look at Yeezy smeyesing.

  • 18 Lorde
    Looks like they do fun stuff together, doesn’t it?

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.