These Celebrities Are Basically MADtv Characters in Real Life

You can't un-see it.

The MADtv 20th anniversary reunion special airs tonight on the CW, and it is hilarious. Seriously. All of your faves are back, and they are funnier than ever. Go ahead and cancel your date with that scrub you only sort of like, because you don’t want to miss these shenanigans.

The excitement around this historic-as-hell TV event got us thinking about iconic MADtv characters–and there are a ton of ’em. Remember the ditzy but strangely intelligent Dr. Kylie? Or how about Trina Moss and her obnoxious, hysterical grin? And you know you stan hard for Coach Hines. Everybody does.

But did you know these characters are actually walking among us IRL? Yup. We found nine celebrities who look so much like peeps from MADtv, we’re 99 percent certain they are one in the same. You can’t prove us otherwise. Try it.

Don’t believe us? Scroll through these photo sets below and be amazed. Yes, Justin Bieber has a twin. And his name is Stuart Larkin.

  • 1 Stuart Larkin is Justin Bieber circa 2010.
    Getty Images/MADtv

  • 2 Lorraine Swanson is Annette Bening.
    Getty Images/MADtv
    Annette is not as crazy, but you cannot deny these ladies are hair twins.

  • 3 Dot Goddard is Kristin Chenoweth.
    Getty Images/MADtv
    Both crazy. Both cute.

  • 4 Trina Moss is Bonnie Hunt.
    Getty Images/MADtv
    Two peas in a bob.

  • 5 The Vancome Lady is Leah Remini.
    Getty Images/MADtv
    Alright, this one is hysterical.

  • 6 Rusty Miller is Jason Sudeikis.
    Getty Images/MADtv
    *Nerdy Jason Sudeikis, that is. Isn’t this too precious for words?

  • 7 Prehistoric Glamazon Huntress is Jenny McCarthy.
    Let’s be real: Jenny would make an excellent addition to the Glamazon Huntresses.

  • 8 Dr. Kylie Johnson is Missi Pyle.
    Getty Images/MADtv
    She was probably Kylie’s patient, to be honest.

  • 9 Coach Hines is Matthew Knowles.
    Getty Images/MADtv
    It’s the mustache.