Look at All These Hot Men in Suits at the 2016 Golden Globe Awards

I'm salivating.

Everyone freaks out over women’s fashion at the Golden Globe Awards, but what about the men? They may not have as colorful duds as the ladies, but they’re still sexy as hell. And dapper. So dapper.

Nothing quenches your thirst quite like a gorgeous dude in a well-tailored suit, and the 2016 Globes carpet was ripe with them. The color schemes were basic–neutrals on fleek–but the hotness was off the charts. Like…Mount Vesuvius level.

Get ready to erupt over these men in suits. I’m already mush.

  • 1 Michael Fassbender
    Getty Images
    Waving to your libido.

  • 2 Bryshere Y. Gray
    Getty Images
    Supplying an empire of orgasms in this look.

  • 3 Aziz Ansari
    Getty Images
    No laughs. Just sweat.

  • 4 Liev Schreiber
    Getty Images
    Staring right into your DMs.

  • 5 Gerard Butler
    Getty Images
    Conquering your ovaries with one single pose.

  • 6 Kevin Hart
    Getty Images
    He has our harts in this outfit.

  • 7 John Krasinski
    Getty Images
    He’s so hot, I can’t feel my face.

  • 8 Sam Heughan
    Getty Images
    A devious smile, a delicious outfit.

  • 9 Rami Malek
    Getty Images
    I’m at attention.

  • 10 Will Smith
    Getty Images
    His suit is so arousing, you’ll get a concussion.

  • 11 Jon Hamm
    Getty Images
    Hamming it up to your climax.

  • 12 Garrett Hedlund
    Getty Images
    How did God create such a perfect creature?

  • 13 Will Poulter
    Getty Images
    I’m right here waiting for you.

  • 14 Damian Lewis
    Getty Images
    So much fire, the alarm went off.

  • 15 Jamie Foxx
    Getty Images
    So foxxy, what can we say?