11 ’90s Squads We’re Still Not Cool Enough to Join

The original #SquadGoals.

If you’re a part of the living population, then you know the definition of #SquadGoals. It’s a term conjured up by some Cheeto-munching Tumblr user that means being jealous of one’s posse. Made popular by Taylor Swift and her Rolodex of model besties, #SquadGoals are a part of any twenty-something’s DNA. We want friends who are cool, pretty and–most importantly–fun as hell. Oh! And they have to be active on Instagram, or else how can we make people jealous of our shenanigans?

But did you know #SquadGoals existed long before texting, Taylor Swift and Twitter? There were tons of cliques in the ’90s that made you envious, and you still can’t join them to this day. I can’t either, so don’t feel bad. We can be losers together. For old time’s sake, relive these 11 perfect ’90s groups, and tell us which one gives you the most #SquadGoals feels in the comments.

  • 1 The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
    Admit it: You not-so-secretly wanted to join Will, Carlton, and Hilary’s West Coast hijinks–or, if anything, you had a mad crush on ’90s Will. But, alas, getting in on their fun is more difficult than the SATs. You have to live in Bel-Air. And unless you’re crapping money, that’s hard.

  • 2 ’90s supermodels
    Getty Images
    Taylor Swift and her parade of preppy glamazons can’t hold a candle to Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford and the other models who dominated the ’90s runways. These ladies had to pound the pavement–not post a cute selfie on Instagram–to become fashion powerhouses. Unless you earn your stripes, too, these chicks won’t give you a second glance. But we can still look at them…

  • 3 Beverly Hills, 90210
    Becoming a member of the California teenage glitterati isn’t a walk in the park. You need devilish good looks, a fat bank account and penchant for frothy, beachside fighting. In other words, you need to be a drama queen. Can you handle that? Nope. Neither can we. (Luke Perry can still ravish me, though.)

  • 4 Sister, Sister
    It’s simple, really. They’re twins. You’re not. Ergo, get the eff out of here.

  • 5 Friends
    This tight-knit group of trendy downtown Manhattanites has their own lingo. History–as in the show’s 10 seasons–prove entry into the Friends clique is damn near impossible. Only six people can watch Ugly Naked Guy from across Monica’s apartment, and you and I aren’t one of them.

  • 6 Sex and the City
    Unless you’re a posh, quick-witted and stylish New Yorker, don’t expect Carrie Bradshaw and the gang to give you the time of day. And if you’re not ready to drop your own personal crises and listen to Carrie drone about Mr. Big (for the millionth time), you’re as good as last season’s Manolo Blahnik pumps.

  • 7 Martin
    The Martin crew had all your goals on lock. Martin and Gina were everything you wanted in your love life. Plus, while Martin, Tommy and Cole were the trio to end all trios, Gina and Pam achieved “Black Girl Magic” way before the hashtag. WZUP for days, am I right?

  • 8 Melrose Place
    The reason you can’t join these babes is easy: You don’t have an apartment at 4616 Melrose Place. And you’re probably not blonde enough.

  • 9 Britney Spears and *NSYNC
    Getty Images
    This clan of ’90s pop royalty has two requirements for entry: Release a hit song…or wear a crop top. And because I don’t have the pipes (or abs) for either, it looks like I’m destined for a B-list life. That’s okay. At least I can eat chips.

  • 10 Moesha
    Moesha’s (Brandy) friendships with Kim and Niecy made you think your own gal pals were total squares. That’s because they are. And you and I are, too. Moesha doesn’t mess with squares, so we’ll just have to watch this group from afar.

  • 11 Living Single
    Just like Melrose Place, there’s a very clear-cut reason why you can’t join Queen Latifah’s Brooklyn bunch: You don’t live in their brownstone. Either sign that lease or say peace, to be honest.