These Ridiculous Memes Prove How Thirsty People Are For That Powerball Cash

And mozzarella sticks, apparently.

Droves of Americans are currently dropping their life savings on Powerball tickets in hopes of winning the jackpot: $1.5 billion. Even though you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning while drowning than winning, money-loving bbs are still pretty damn jazzed. In fact, they’re so jazzed memes are popping up left and right on the Internet detailing their thirst for that cash–and, let’s be real, the fame that comes along with winning the Powerball. Whether it means quitting your job, buying your weight in mozzarella sticks or throwing shade at Kim Kardashian, dreaming about taking home the big bucks is bringing out the best–and worst–in people. Allow these 12 images to explain.

  • 1 This student has his priorities straight. And by straight, I mean covered in hot sauce.

  • 2 This paternal icon knows how far his future wealth can stretch.

  • 3 This legend realizes cold hard $$$> your THOT, greasy scrub of an ex-bae.

  • 4 It’s scientific fact you have a better chance of winning the Olsen twins’ net worth if you have a corgi.

  • 5 Wishful thinking.

  • 6 This true American patriot just upped his chances by…1 percent.

  • 7 Queen Yammy has no time for Kim’s nonsense when literal millions are on the line.

  • 8 This laborer is getting the f-ck out of dodge once that check comes in.

  • 9 As will this scientist, who will start worshipping those coins the second they hit her account.

  • 10 This person knows the responsible thing is to drop his green on carbs and cheese.

  • 11 This religious enthusiast knows praying for greed is what Jesus would want.

  • 12 And lastly, this 360-degree bachelor will reach his full potential.